As member working behaviors in their own organization.

As I am a
membership of BNI (Business Network International) for a couple of years. I was
trained to be a positive and supportive member of the organization under the
organizational commit ment of “Givers Gain” because we believed that if we give
business to others, we will get business in return so in a weekly meetings
member of BNI will have an opportunity to share ideas, experiences, contacts
and most significantly, business referrals among the members. Even though, it
could not guarantee that our sales will be increased but it does help extend
our network and build a strong connection with a quality business professional.

However, after belonging to BNI family for a time, I found that the word
“Givers Gain” not only become a part of the very DNA of this small family, but
it also spread out and infiltrates in each member working behaviors in
their own organization.

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me, I also apply the concept of “Givers Gain” in my working life because I
learnt that to be a successful people only talent and intention to
work might not enough. The relationship between people in the workplace is also
important, nevertheless, building a long-term relationship is more about
farming not for hunting so in order to cultivating my relationship, I have been
trying to share more ideas, knowledge, experienced and information to my
co-workers. Moreover, I have also been trying to give more respect to other
people and becoming a good listener in order to reduce the conflict in my
workplace. Regarding to the change of my working behavior, I found that
becoming as a giver helps motivating my positive can-do attitude and also
enhancing my courteousness and friendliness to all my colleagues, managers and
even to my customers. Working as a team, it leads me become a good player which
helps encouraging a lot of the team spirit and also help enhancing my team
cohesion and coordination which enable us to cope with all problems and get
work done faster.

In conclusion, the concept of
“Givers Gain” in BNI family not only change my working behavior alone but it
does change my behavior in the daily life which todays, it leads me to live
with a healthy and happy life in both workplace and my own community.