away of the Doon Valley and the rooms

away from the mall but provides delightful views of the Doon Valley and the
rooms are designed in a manner that all have excellent views. This is a
boutique hotel tucked in one corner of Mussoorie.
Best part is it’s at walking distance from the hustle bustle of Mall Road and
its secluded enough for a peaceful stay.
The rooms are big and have a gorgeous view of the valley. Located on an edge of
a hill that gives you 360-degree view of Doon valley below and all Mussoorie hill. Probably the hotel with best view in
Mussoorie. Room Tip: Best view specially from the balconies.



Address: Oaks Road, near Landour Bazaar, Mussoorie
248179, India

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·  Price
range- ? 4,725 – ? 13,980 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

·  Number of

·         Popular landmark
nearby- Picture Palace Bus Station 0.5 km, The Mall
Road 1.7 km, Library Bazaar 2.6 km, Gandhi Chowk 3.5
km, Soham Heritage & Art Centre0.4 km, Picture Palace 0.7
km, Kulri Bazaar 0.9 km, Classic Emporium 1.1
km, Rialto Cinema Hall 1.2 km

Fortune Resort Grace

it is situated very close to the Library chowk. Tourist bus and taxi stand
are just 5 mins away. Good facility for children to play. Staff is courteous
and pays attention to your requests. Enjoy the view from terrace. They have a
multi-cuisine restaurant which extended up toan open terrace. They provide
complimentary packaged water bottle in the room as and when required. Hotel
located perfectly at Library Chowk Best place in Mussoorie with Mall road at 5
min walking only. Rooms are very well managed and are of decent size. Bathroom
is very neat and clean with all amenities.



Address: Library Bazaar, Gandhi Chowk, Mussoorie
248179, India

·         Special Amenities-
Multilingual Staff, Conference Facilities, Fitness Centre with Gym / Workout
Room, Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Spa

·  Price range- ? 4,919 –
? 11,326 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

·  Hotel Style- Luxury Hotel in
Mussoorie, Spa Hotel in Mussoorie, Family Hotel in Mussoorie, Romantic
Hotel in Mussoorie

·  Room types- Suites,
Non-Smoking Rooms, Family Rooms

·  Number of rooms-74

·         Popular landmark
nearby- Library Bus Stand 0.3 km, Gandhi Chowk 0.1
km, The Mall Road 1.2 km, Library Bazaar 1.5
km, Adventure Park 0.1 km, Mussoorie Gurudwara Sahib 0.2
km, Vincent Hill 0.3 km, Christ Church 0.5 km, Tibetan
Market 0.6 km, Jawahar Aquarium 1.2 km


Mosaic Hotel Mussoorie

newly launched venture of Shipra Group under the Tux Hospitality has 45
rooms, conference hall, swimming pool, multi-cuisine restaurant, gymnasium, spa
and a kids’ play area. The hotel is located at the bustling Mall Road from
where one can see the lush Doon valley and starry skies after
sunset.  Near to local attractions like the Gun Hill, George Everest
house and Happy Valley (Tibetan Buddhist Temple). The room gives a feel of a
beautiful cottage the buffet spread had a nice variety Open terrace n view of Dehradun
from there is mesmerizing. interiors are colourful and bright.


·         Address: Picture Palace,
Mall Road Kulri, Mussoorie 248179, India

·         Special
Amenities- Restaurant, Indoor pool, Pool, Spa

·  Price
range- ? 4,077 – ? 20,775 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

·  Number of rooms-

·         Popular places
nearby- Picture Palace Bus Station 0.1 km, The Mall
Road 1.1 km, Gandhi Chowk 2.0 km, Library Bazaar 3.2
km, Picture Palace 0.1 km, Kulri Bazaar 0.3
km, Classic Emporium 0.5 km, Rialto Cinema Hall 0.6 km