Baxley about the problems with war and how

Baxley 1Will BaxleyEnglish10-6January 15, 2018Title        War has been apart of human life since the beginning tribes, clans, and civilizations. Fighting for territory, food and supplies, and other things a group of people are willing to die for to help the cause for their people. Modern wars though are fought over religions and other things like people abusing their power and wanting more. For example in World War Two Hitler was on a mission to take over all of Europe in order to follow out with his parents plans. The war in Afghanistan began because of terrorism and because a radical religion is still around today conflict still exists. Some families are affected horribly by war, with deaths of close ones, or their homes are directly in the middle of a war zone. Both of my grandfathers served in the military, one served as a Doctor, the other served as a Marine. In this paper I will talk about the problems with war and how people close to me experienced it and passed it onto me.        War as it is is brutal and also very expensive. Countries have gone into debt trying to win these fights usually over stupid things. It’s a lose lose situation In the end if thought about enough. Both sides have many casualties, money is wasted, and this can cause long terms effects for a nation. The United States however is fortunate enough to be one of the richest countries in the world, besides out massive amount of debt we are a very stable country. Also having one of, if not the greatest militaries in the entire world.   Baxley 2              There are a lot reasons for wars to break out, more specifically a country is wanting to take control of another country’s wealth. There are very much often many economic reasons behind most conflicts, even if the stated goal of the war is publicly presented as something more important than wealth. In earlier times, the many things that you would try and obtain might be precious materials such as silver and gold, or horses, cattle, and many more livestock. In more recent times, the resources searched for are more likely to take the shape of things like oil, minerals, or materials used within manufacturing. A few scientists believe that as the world’s population grows and basic resources become scarce, there will a higher rate of wars fought over necessary resources such as water and food supplies.        Other causes of war are religion or control of territory. A country might come to a conclusion that it needs even more land, either for living spaces, or for a farming use, or for the many other reasons. Territory can also be used as buffer zones between two hostile enemies. A country will come in and use all of their force and power to take what they came for. Even if that involves mass murders, burning buildings and homes, and using as much violence as possible. Religious conflicts most of the time can have very deep roots. They can stay dormant for decades, only to come back into the picture in a flash at a later time. Religious wars can often be tied in with other reasons for conflict, such as nationalism, or seeking revenge for a perceived historical slight from the past.As well as different religions fighting each other, or same religions with two groups with slightly different views, for example Catholics and Protestant can fight each other over views.         Another example of how some wars aspire is the people within the own nation or country Baxley 3that disagree with each other. For example the civil war in the United States was started over two different groups of people disagreeing over separate beliefs. Now civil wars generally take place when there is strong disagreement within a country over who rules, or how the country should be run, and the situation that can cause violent conflict between two or more opposing groups. Civil Wars can also be sparked by separatist groups wanting to form their own, independent country, or, as in the United States, states wanting to secede from a larger union.         War has manny effects on a country such as economical effects, for good and also bad, destruction of cities and land, and most devastating deaths of people fighting.        In conclusion war has many downsides on a nation or country but also sometimes upsides, economic growth can occur and many more things. Wars are terrible things and usually started over dumb conflicts like religion or disagreements. War may be unavoidable within the existence of human but there still can be ways to avoid them if we are all careful.