Beautiful Summary of “A Dream Within A Dream”

Now in the second stanza, the poet is standing at the shore of the sea with sand grains in his hands. He wants to hold this sand. This sand symbolizes time. Just like he wanted to hold the time when his love was with him, he wants to hold it, but it is not really possible. Time does not stop for anyone and nothing is permanent. Just like he cannot stop the sand from falling from his hands, he could not stop the love of her life.

The poet very beautifully highlights the nature of the sand to be like his love. Both the sand and love is golden, which symbolizes the essence of beauty. He is, moreover, scared of the big wave which is washing away the falling sand. He uses the metaphor pitiless for this wave since it is taking away from him, something which is very much dear to him. The poet is weeping in tandem as every grain of the lovely sand, which he wants to hold so dearly, is flowing away and getting washed by the water of the beach.

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He regrets this passage of time, and understands that nothing is permanent. With the passage of time, things change and so are relationships. No matter how dearly you want to hold back the love of your life, still it is not in your hands. You cannot stop them from going away from you. It is just the dream which you saw to live with them is left with you, which gives pain in your heart now. All what happened with him has become a dream, and he seems that all what had happened that is the golden time of his love when they were together and now the end of that golden time with the parting of his love, all has come like a dream.


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