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Before getting right into the concept of dream company, let us try to analyze the terminologies of a ‘dream company’. Different people have different priorities and different ambitions. Someone wishes to become a rocket scientist, someone more pure would wish to work for a non-profit organisation for the betterment of society, while some body else would like to become a successful businessman and run his or her own company. Nothing comes for free in this world. Everyone needs to give in maximum effort in the right direction in order to achieve their respective goals, something which they ought to believe is what they are made for, for which they were born for. That, in layman language, can be described as their respective ‘dream company’. It is a place where people get to showcast their talent, their knowledge, a place whose ambience is utmost suitable, where their efforts will not go in vain, a company for which they might only be an employee but at the same time they get to believe they are an integral part. AS EACH INDIVIDUAL PLAYS A VITAL ROLE IN THE PROGRESS OF A COMPANY. The word ‘dream’ here imparts a lot of impact. In this context, it does not imply a nightmare but a beautiful vision. So beautiful that it fills your heart with emotions and joy. It’s so beautiful that you can go to any extend just to see it become a reality. So very fascinating that there does not exist a bigger and better dream than yours. A dream is like an idea, once incepted, it requires interception, application and carving, all the wheels simultaneously working together towards a common objective, i.e. to fulfil the idea, to fulfil the dream.
Well surely my ideas will differ from yours, and it’s only healthy when they do, but my picture of a dream company is where there is complete autonomy. Where every one is entitled to their opinion and there exists no harsh judgements. Someplace where all the minds are churned together, profitable debates aka discussions going all around. No one is small, no one is big, no one is bad, and everyone is good. A collection of individuals at one place where there is no scope of selfishness, the motive of everyone is not of personal gain but that of collective gain. Where the concept of senior and junior is only in theory, everyone considers themselves to be equal to their neighbours. Well yes such an atmosphere has external boundations too, like not everyone can be equally creative or equally expressive. Not everyone can manage home space and work space perfectly, there ought to be different stamina levels etcetera etcetera, but then again there isn’t a thing in this world which is one hundred percent perfect. What we call something perfect is merely the one having least number of imperfections or flaws. Point being all the points of regression which were tried to be emphasised above, should never be the deciding factor of a company’s growth. In mathematical terms,the growth of a company is directly proportional to the growth of it’s individuals. Every small step taken towards the self improvement of an individual being, is more or less a bigger step taken towards a company’s growth. In case the requirement of everyone being selfless is already fulfilled, the task mentioned above it steadily achieved ultimately.
Having said much about what my idea of a ‘nearly perfect’ company is, it’s time to consider what the company is supposed to bring to the society. After all, it has to be a hit in the masses. The company should be successful, yes, no doubt, but it is not supposed to do that while doing someone else’s loss. Every company sells a product, be it like OLA or UBER for cab services, RESONANCE for coaching material, JIO for telecom, but these type of companies thrive upon competition, they savour on their competetior’s loss. My company therefore should be completely fresh, an idea or a product which is very unique. Something which appeals to the people and is beneficial, something who’s recipe is not easily deduced, soemthing which gets the company’s name into the golden pages. If some product like that is ever created or even the basic idea of this is ever met, then I can proudly say that yes, we have done something worthwhile.
What would be the pay scale you ask? Well for me it does not matter to be quite frank but let me be practical as it does matter in the society. Monetary benefits is something which creates divide, creates a higher and lower class. Such instances exist everywhere. Might sound odd but if the total wealth were to be divided equally for everyone, someone will have nothing and someone will have everything! As prescribed above, after all the common motive is supposed to be the collective good and not the individual good. Well sure I am not saying the income is supposed to be bad, you can not survive in the society with a low pay scale, but that being said it is not meant to be rubbishly high as well given my colleague with the same post gets a lesser value.
We all know it is practically almost impossible to achieve this. But hey, even aeroplanes were considered impossible to have a couple of centuries ago. Sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it?


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