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Benefits of Liferay 1. Free and Open source – Here free indicates that you just have to download from the site, further installing it and using it. Liferay also comes up with enterprise edition, for which users need to pay, but provides full support and access to additional enterprise edition plugins. Open architecture and the open source nature of Liferay helps you avoid lock-in to a single proprietary vendor.  2. Easy to use – Liferay comes up with an intuitive interface that uses icons, clear labels, and drag and drop to make it easy to configure and use.  3. Lift Business agility – Liferay is lightweight in nature which enables one to run and configure it quickly; its ease of use and management enables ones IT and business users to configure, tailor, and develop custom functionality on Liferay to meet business objectives; thus improving Business Agility. 4. Low TCO – Liferay has the lowest Total price of Ownership(TCO) made a comparison to its competitors. Liferay’s savings start with its giving authority to do and the savings go on through development gives an idea of price, able to work gives an idea of price, and training/support gives an idea of price. 5. Do more within definite budget – All portal products generally require extensions and/or additions to provide the required functionality: Liferay ensures no additional budgeting, you can use extensions and distribute mandatory features in a special payment outlines. 6. Customization and Tailoring Features – Liferay comes up with hook and extension plugin model that allows you to customize and adapt it to your needs without having to reconstruct or update it always. This helps developers to model product behavior in line with organizational requirements. 7. Flexible UI and Integration platform – Liferay provides a single presentation layer to integrate all business systems into a user-friendly interface for end users. Liferay helps users, administrators, and developers by allowing them to integrate content and services from backend or legacy applications because it is central presentation layer platform. To integrate Liferay provides multiple methods, including SOAP, REST, RSS, as well as proprietary API’s. 8. Flexible infrastructure leverage – Gives a broad range of choices to an organization when it comes to selecting databases, operating systems or application hosting. Thus avoiding the need to invest in separate infrastructure.  9.  Liferay’s rich Out of box Portlets and features  – Liferay provides out-of-the-box portlets having key features and can be used very efficiently. These portlets are very scalable and powerful, in addition, they also help developers by providing tools to customize it very easily.