Best Qualities for Future Job

Your best qualities for a future job A future teacher My biggest dream is becoming a teacher of English. I feel very confident because I believe that I have enough qualities to make my dream come true. First of all, I am a responsible and patient person. I always try to finish every task. Surely, this quality will help me to become a good teacher. Second, I have a good talking ability. Whenever I have to talk in front of many people, my talks are persuasive. Thus, it will not be difficult for me to help my students understand the lessons in the future.

Finally, I am very sociable. I like talking and working with young people. I think that getting close with students is an important factor to become a good teacher. Now, step by step, I am trying to study English well to become a good teacher of English. (By Nguyen Thi Hong Vinh K37A3) My best qualities for a chef I would become a good chef as I have some appropriate qualities that I think they are needed for this job. Firstly, I am really interested in cooking. Though my cooking now is not good enough, I often volunteer to cook for my family.

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I don’t mind preparing for the meal as well. Subjectively, I think I have a gift for cooking. Secondly, my dad said that I was quite creative in making new recipes. I love creating the recipe that people have never heard of before. It would, of course, be tasty as well. I wish I had my own restaurant where I could be a chef and people all enjoyed my meal. By Tr­¬ng H¶i YOn K37A3 My best qualities for a job I think the career that suits my personality most is a tour guide because of two reasons.

First and foremost, I like working outdoors. I like travelling and visiting a lot of places and countries in the world. I am really interested when I discover the mysterious nature around me. Secondly, I am an active person. I always know how to exploit and catch new information quickly, and apply these things actively in my life. For all of those reasons, I think I would make a good tour guide. By Nguyen Minh Nga K37A3 It’s your job to compose a similar piece of writing (


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