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Reaction Paper on the film, “Black Swan” Anonymous The movie, Black Swan, is about Nina, a ballerina whose life is consumed with dance. At the beginning of the film, the company where she belongs to is preparing to open the season with Swan Lake. Like any other ballet dances, Swan Lake has a story – it is about a pure and sweet girl trapped in a swan’s body and the only way to break the spell is true love. Nina lands the role of the Swan Queen – but, the role of the Swan Queen requires a dancer who can play both the White and the Black Swan.

The White Swan is an epitome of control, grace, and innocence. Contrary, the Black Swan requires the dancer to dance freely and lose inhibition. The two roles are complete opposites of one another; thus, this becomes the dilemma of the heroine. The leading actress played a role of a ballerina who trained and danced classical ballet all her life. Therefore, she has been perfecting moves that require precision, grace, and control – due to this, she fitted the role of the White Swan perfectly.

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Unfortunately, she had a hard time personifying the role of the Black Swan. Nina portrayed the difficult life of a ballerina. She has been training and dancing all her life with one goal in mind – to be the lead dancer of a production. The difficult lifestyle of ballerinas were depicted in certain scenes. There was a scene in the movie showing how minimal her food intake is during breakfast – this implies that ballerinas maintain a strict diet in order to achieve the typical dancer’s slender physique.

Additionally, a scene showed how ballet shoes are adjusted to perfectly fit the dancer’s feet; the scene was followed by a clip where dancers where literally dancing on the tips of their toes. The film also depicted the struggles of dancers; the competitive nature of dancers leads to desperation – in the film, the dancers would do anything to land a leading role. For the highly disciplined Nina, losing control is an unfamiliar concept. She has been striving for perfection all her life thus she finds it hard to dance freely.

The role of the Black Swan required her to lose control and dance naturally. She found it hard to do so because she has been bound by the traditions of classical ballet. Despite Nina’s struggles, she continued to pursue the role of the Swan Queen. At the end of the film, she was able to show her best dance performance. Wearing intricate black and white costumes (while showcasing short skirts and expressive make-ups), Nina danced both the roles of the White and Black Swan. Unfortunately, the film had a tragic end. Nina’s best performance might have cost her life.


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