What participant roles tend to clique together. They

What is the participant’s role during bullying incidents? -One is the bully itself and the one being tormented is the victim. Assistants are those who try to join with the ring leader. How prevalent is bullying among children and youths? -11% What are the social consequences associated with bullying cliques? -Those with similar participant roles tend to clique together. They may socially exclude the victims. How do bullies generally choose their targets? -They target one or two targets in the classroom, That way they wont have the victims team up.

How might onlookers and peers reinforce bullying behavior? -They may join into bullying behavior in order to enhance their social standing. What are some factors within the classroom that may prohibit bullying? Explain how children bullying together may develop a sense of cohesion? – There are a few different relationships in bullying. But in order for others to join in on the clique, they have to desire higher social standing, or they just want to make themselves look or feel better.

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Why are children who may be bystanders of bullying incidents often reluctant to aide the victim? -They often feel as if its not that important for them to intervene. Identify five findings that research reveals about bullying cliques, behavior, motivation, and need that are not currently addressed or identified in the other discussion questions. In your own words, discussed if you have ever been a victim or bullying, an onlooker or witness of a bullying incident, or if you were a child who bullied. At the time the incident occurred, how did it make you feel?

What do you think cause this incident to occur? Do you experience any sad or remorseful feelings now as a result of this incident? -I was once a victim of bullying. I felt as if it was because I was always different from the rest of the crowd. I never used profanity like all the others. I was always dressed like they were. I don’t feel any remorse for what I went through. It made me into a strong person that I am today. And I have often seen people being bullied, I know how it feels to be bullied, so I would jump in to defend that person.


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