Business aspect of this degree have also prepared

Business is what makes the world
work. It is through the practice of buying and selling, advertising and promoting
that affects each one of us at some point in our lives. Being a consumer, it is
evident how much businesses and their marketing strategies target you. I have always
had a real enthusiasm in the way business, as a whole, works since I was a young
age. The diverseness of business in general is an exciting thought for me, as
it is such a versatile and dynamic degree to gain in life. Currently, through
studying a foundation degree in business and digital technology, it has given
me a variety of skills and key attributes that I will need to complete my bachelor’s
degree in business. My modules in the digital aspect of this degree have also
prepared me in the rapidly growing environment of technology and digital marketing,
which is now more relevant than ever. Gaining knowledge in software developments
during this new digital age will give me the correct skills I need to succeed. I
believe that a business-related degree path will enable me to acquire the transferable
business skills I need, to gain a more general understanding of business
knowledge. This will be useful in all aspects of business, whether this be in
the public or private sector. It will provide me with the comprehensive understanding
of the core concepts, practices and techniques of conducting business across
borders and will aid me in potential business activities in the future.  I will be especially focused on
marketing-related activities, which I have a key interest in. Without
marketing, a business would fail to exist. I hope to have the opportunity
to learn broad approaches to different markets, and marketing management.
I strive to develop my knowledge and skills in ways that enable me to
think strategically about the growth of an organisation. This will enable
me to develop effective marketing practices that shape and design the
markets in which I want to have an impact.  

As well as my
studies, I have organised my time so I can have a part-time job. The management
value ideas from staff and I enjoy contributing to any discussion. I have tried to implement some of my business knowledge into my job
at a popular restaurant chain. Particularly in the marketing and advertising
aspect I have made efforts to improve their social media. I noticed that
businesses with a regularly active social media gain more attention and so I tried
to incorporate this into my own job. Promoting new drinks and food deals on social
media platform Instagram was a free, easy and creative way to advertise for the
company. Outside of my passion for the world of business, I am a keen runner
and like to keep active in some way regularly. I also inspire to travel to many
new places and learn from the different cultures and historical backgrounds of
everywhere I visit. I have a strong interest in history and enjoy visiting various
museums whenever I travel to gain new knowledgeable insights into historical figures
and events from the past.

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Through a recent Erasmus trip in November
I was given the opportunity to take part in a variety of different entrepreneurial
and business workshops in Albeda College, Rotterdam in the Netherlands. This
was an amazing opportunity that greatly improved my interpersonal skills as
well as learning to network with other students from around Europe. Learning
how to create and sell a unique and innovative product into the world market
was a challenging task that I extremely enjoyed. It intrigues and inspires me,
the importance and detail that must be considered when launching a new product
or service. This also inspired me to consider becoming my own boss in the
future and to build my own company. Gaining valuable contacts from this opportunity
will be a great asset for me in the future when I have a chance to expand on my
entrepreneurial skills. I believe that I have a
lot to offer and I am very much looking forward to the challenge of university





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