Career that. Many Universities offer Software engineering and

Career Possibilities of a Software


“Developers are the people who are
capable of building stuff for a world that is becoming increasingly more
reliant on technology. That’s why the demand for developers is only going to
increase more and more over the next ten years.”

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                                                                                                                        -Forbes Magazine


Technology has evolved and with
this change, the need for computer
professionals has increased drastically.

A study conducted by Forbes
Magazine 1
concluded that the demand for programmers will continue to increase over the
next decade as almost every single industry is becoming dependent on people who
know how to write code.

The importance of software
engineering in leading industries cannot be overemphasized
due to how dependent the world is becoming on technology to get things done.

To become a software engineer 2 self-taught
skills and formal education in software engineering or a related field such as
computer science are a non-negotiable requirement. Self-taught skills are
enough to land a software engineering job but are typically low-level programming jobs even if it is titled
software engineer by the employer. Accelerated learning and boot camps are also
in order if you want to become a software engineer. Boot camps 3 are a nouveau vocational school for people with an
aptitude for code, short programs ranging from 9 to 12 weeks seek to arm
students with the fundamental skills they’ll need to compete as engineers — no
previous coding experience required. A quick google search for ‘Software
developer boot camp’ will land a lot of
results many of them local and even near
you. YouTube tutorials, blog posts, books and massive online open courses 4
(MOOC’s) provide a wealth of knowledge of programming languages and everything
needed to become a software engineer many of them free. The problem with going the self-taught route to becoming a programmer
is motivation, a quick workaround is to set goals; software that you want to create and study to create that. Or
rather find a job description for the highest paying software engineering job
you can find and tailor your self-teaching
curriculum to teach you skills needed for that.


Many Universities offer Software
engineering and computer science courses around the world from state-owned universities to private institutions and online universities.

Most students of software engineering
course will
have a similar first year of study as students of computer science in
subjects that are meant to build up a solid base of knowledge in computing

These subjects include but are not limited to:

designComputer Systems
of HardwareNetworkingComputer
for ComputingIntroduction
to DatabasesAcademic
skills for computing



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