Carrie As in the case with Carrie White,

     Carrie White was the
perfect victim. According to Dr. Gerald Stein, “Children whose living
conditions offer little opportunity to socialize with same-aged kids are at a
disadvantage.” These children tend to be introverted and have a difficult time
functioning in social settings because they haven’t had the experience of
maneuvering through challenging social situations that are essential for their
development. According to Rebecca
Fraser-Thill, some
researchers believe that a child’s lack of assertiveness and security may serve as a cue to bullies that the child is a “perfect victim”.  Thereby making them a target for the bully because of their insecure
personality. These children are different in some way and they’re not accepted
by their peers.

What’s more, these differences lead to isolation, which has
far reaching implications, Jacquelyn Kegley says, “This is evidenced partly in the continuous occurrence of
seemingly senseless mass shootings in supposedly safe public places such as
schools, churches, and movie theaters. Individuals seem lonely, dissatisfied,
and separated from communities”.  According to Stop, “A very small number of bullied children
might retaliate through extremely violent measures. In 12 of 15 school shooting
cases in the 1990s, the shooters had a history of being bullied” ( And
so, the question is what’s is to be done to reach out to them before they
strike back? As in the case with Carrie White, the school needed to take a proactive approach
to handle the bullying. In the article, A
General Semantics Approach to School-Age Bullying, Katherine
Liepe, takes a look at the “Olweus Method,” The presumption is that bullying
is a systemic issue that can be solve by addressing the entire school. The
Olweus whole school approach educates the school’s students, teachers and
administrators on the identifying markers and tactics of the bully, provide
counseling for the victims, have the bully make atonements and attend training
in anger management.

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     In the case of “Carrie,” the tragedy that
occurs on prom night could have been prevented had the bully, the bystanders,
the teacher, the principal and Carrie been trained on how to proactively handle
bullying. This was not the case with
Carrie. The school only addressed the bully. They did nothing to support Carrie
and consequently, she retaliated with violence.

In the movie Carrie, the high school lacked an
anti-bullying and intervention program. The culture was ripe for all of the players
to function in their perspective roles. In Liepe’s article, A General Semantics Approach to School-Age
Bullying, he quotes Barbara Coloroso, an expert in the field of bully
prevention, uses the terms “the bully,” “the
bullied,” and “the bystander” to serve as descriptors for how a
child may be acting at the moment, rather than to define or permanently label
that child. She says, it helps in identifying the key players in the
bullying incidents.




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