competent and challenges. Transformational leaders, they drive

competent is also vital as
technology contributes to nursing and healthcare strategic interventions of
safe and cost-effective patient-centered care. Nurse leaders who have skills
are in a better position to translate, synthesize, interpret and manage the
data into a measurable outcome. The nurse leaders who are technology savvy are
in a better position to understand issues and the importance of the health data
exchanges including quality and patient safety, meaningful use, and the
Technology Informatics Guiding Educational Reform (TIGER) initiative.

       In this environment, a transformational
leadership behavior is essential as it inspires team members to embrace a
shared vision, introduce and encourage innovative problem-solving ideas and
offer support and challenges. Transformational leaders, they drive healthcare
quality by involving themselves in development of quality tools such as information
technology systems. Nurse leaders ensure that technology enables nursing,
clinical care, research and makes sure that patient safety is incorporated into
every aspect of clinical care. The transformational leadership behaviors
include charisma, inspirational, motivational, intellectual stimulation among
others. These behaviors lead to better outcomes such as shared vision,
increased self-esteem, and feeling valued among others. Nurse leader with
transformational behavior promotes staff involvement, inspires cultural
transition, stimulates smart thinking and puts in mind the impact of
information technology on individual workflow, patient safety and quality of
care and organization best practices outcome (Poe, n.d).

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       The creation of best-practice policies
is crucial to achieving better health outcomes. The patient’s health
information and any other data that can identify the patient should be made
private, encrypted for security to avoid it from getting to the wrong hands and
to maintain trust with the patients. The advancement in health information
systems has only increased the likelihood of potential and unintentional
breaches of private and confidential patients’ health data. The nurses have a
significant role in protecting privacy, confidentiality, and recommendations to
prevent the data breach.

















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