Creative Story: Confused Letmein
Donald Christensen pr #7
Well it all started out like this, It was a typical day in band, marching
practice. We were all outside lined up getting ready to march. As I was
chatting with Bob, I over heard Mr. Letmein yell to Bob “Get in line Donny.” He
said it like Bob had killed someone.

Bob suddenly looked up, and strangely enough, he was already in line. As
we both looked at each other in wonder, Mr. Letmein commanded “Band at a ready.”
Next thing I knew Mr. Letmein was yelling at Bob telling him to stand at
a ready, and to be quiet, he was so mad at him it seemed like he was a volcano.

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We started to march, and Bob looked over at me and said, “Was I talking?”
“Nope” I said back quickly, so we would not be noticed talking.

After marching, in Spanish class, Bob asked me again if he was talking,
and again I said no. We discussed this for a while and found no reason for Mr.

Letmein to yell at him at all. That is just too strange, the only thing we
could think of is he thought Matt Card was Bob, because Matt was standing in
front of Bob. Mr. Letmein must be getting old.


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