Crime increasing drastically. This is according to

Crime is an illegal activity in the society and law offenders find themselves in prisons if found guilty. A good percentage of the American population is behind bars.  (Julie Borowski, 2015) States that, over 2.2million of Americans are prisoners and surprisingly, this is the highest prison population in the world and over the past decade, the population has been increasing drastically. This is according to the United States Bureau of Justice. In order to cut down the figure, several measures must be put across which may help reduce the number of prisoners in the system.  The approaches include;

 The United States Bureau of Justice should replace compulsory confinement laws with more adjustable and personalized guidelines. Early in the 80s, state governments had put to law a compulsory confinement to drug abusers. Compulsory sentencing laws like these hinder judicial jurisdiction by shielding sentencing judges from considering a complete process of mitigating factors in an offender’s profile, like offender’s role in the offense the possibility of committing another offense in future. This would reduce the number of prisoners because some law offenders are prone to change after jurisdiction.

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Increase employment opportunities in the American society. Unemployment is one of the major reasons as to why people resort to crime. Most unemployed American citizens earn a living through illegal means. These may include selling drugs and stealing. In the event of doing this, they end up breaking the law because offenses such as selling drugs and stealing unlawful. These law offenders wouldn’t be doing all this if they had jobs to keep them busy away from crime. For instance, (Gupta, 2016) argues that, being jobless affects one’s life in many ways such as the desperation to earn a living.

Provision of incentives for employers to employ ex-convicts. After a prisoner has completed his or her jail term, the world outside is new. Ex-convicts find it harsh to cope up with life after prison because most employers do not prefer employing people with criminal records. Most ex-convicts resort to crime again because life outside jail is a bit fair than the real world. This keeps increasing prisoners’ population in the system. The United States government should create laws which are ex-convict friendly.

Abolish use of for-profit, private prison companies. These companies basically make a living through confinement of prisoners. They are opportunists who rely on crime. They care about increasing number of incarcerations. For them to make a profit there should be a higher prison confinement which is basically a negative factor in reducing prisoners in the American prison system.

Introduction of prison education programs and encourage prisoner participation. The Washington State Institute of Public Policy suggested that adult prison education programs can abate recidivism. These programs also encourage inmates to develop creative life skills that they can use in future upon release.

Encourage community policing efforts. This involves establishing a collaborative relationship law enforcers and the community. All members of the society should be highly encouraged to take an active role in promoting safety and well-being. When community members are working well with law enforcers, safety within the society is guaranteed.


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