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In order to give an attempt to measure crime, it is necessary to look at the official statistic data that holds all reported crimes. Many would argue that the data held is not accurate or reliable. This is because there are many crimes that are committed which go unrecorded. Muncie (1996) refers to these as “Dark Figure. ” Such example of a “Dark Figure” is where the offence is classed as minor, the police would often release the offender with just a caution, thus saving police time and paperwork but complicates the measuring of crime.

Muncie (1996) also refers to “Dark Figures” to crimes that are unrecorded as they was never reported to begin with. There are many issues that make the measuring of accurate crime offences impossible. Another such issue is that of, prisoners participating in “Qualitative research method. ” This research is aimed at small group of prisoners who are interviewed rather than questioned and interrogated. This research is generally used for understanding methods of crime and why people commit crime (Croall 1998).

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This type of research could be used for measuring the types of crime people commit. It is difficult to use these studies for measuring crime, as often the interviewer can often get too involved with the participants and their own views and judgments could get in the way, by influencing the answers on the questionnaires. Such crimes can be prevented within the society to a certain degree by agencies within the criminal justice system such as the police, judiciary and the probation service.

These agencies help to control crime and to keep it to its minimum or to prevent the crime from re-occurring again (Abercrombie 2002). But the question to be asked is to whether the legal system treats everyone equally within it or are, individuals treated differently according to their group. For example Eaton (1986) argues that there are gender inequalities in the system. Men are more likely to receive a prison sentence for the same line of offence as woman has committed, however the women’s sentence would not be that severe.

There are many punishments that one could have for committing a crime such as being imprisoned, community service and a suspended sentence. Since the 1970’s there has been a focus on the possibilities of “decarceration. ” This is a proposal to abolish all prisons and asylums and for the prisoners to be amongst the society in a number of facilities supported by the community (Abercrombie 2002). But it could be argued that this proposal could help criminals to re-offend and live an easy life rather than being punished for the crime they have committed.

It also said that the space for an inmate in the prison is limited, as prisons are very cramped with a vast number of criminals, thus giving all minor offences an alternative punishment due to the lack of cells. It is also very costly to keep a criminal imprisoned. A duration of someone being in custody for just a month is about i?? 2,000 compared to a prisoner with a probation order which is i?? 89, hence suggesting the demolishing of the prison service. It has been proven that Britain has the third highest prisoner rate in the European Union (Abercrombie 2002).

Through critically analysing globalisation, crime and crime prevention it can be clearly seen that there are many factors against such issues and which are evidentially expressed in many aspects of society today. It can be said that we may well be heading towards a global society, but we have not reached the point of complete globalisation. As we have global influences upon the society such as foreign made television and working for a foreign country, the society can be classed as a global society.

However this aspect of globalisation is present in many modern societies, these influences have become greater and more common. As mentioned we are living in “one place” (Waters 1995) however this could be argued as the number of British culture influences within society still naturally outweigh foreign or global aspect, as long as there are still historical record, nationality can never be totally eroded. Space did not permit many other issues that could critically discuss globalisation.

In conclusion to crime and crime prevention, it can be said that there are a number of ways that crime can be measured and go some way towards enhancing our knowledge and understanding patterns of crime. However they do not give the whole picture as other variables alter and skew the statistics, which on the surface can appear to give a true picture. This is potentially damaging as it can affect where the government put its resources. For example focusing on one problem could result in other problems becoming just as important, leaving fewer resources to deal with the problem.

As for the proposal to demolish prisons, this will become a major issue to come, as the society would not like the fact criminals being amongst them and their children. However in the future, new Laws/acts might prevent or help globalisation and crime from occurring, but it can be argued that even though theses Acts may be enforced, to what extent are they going to be implemented by the society?

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