cyanide cyanide are transported by railway cars

cyanide is extremely poisonous to aquatic life. Accidental spills of cyanide solutions into rivers and sea can result in death of large number of fish species and other sea creatures which are important part of ecosystem.Their death will have a negative effect on ecosystem.Other risk associated with cyanide is when birds drink water containing cyanide ,it results in death of birds and other animals which rely on that  water source.Cyanide is toxic to microorganisms too which rely on dead plants and other dead material and contributes towards making of fossil fuels so in other words it affects overall all the habitats.Cyanide affects humans too .Exposure to cyanide results in long term and short term affects on humans as it makes them vulnerable to many of the diseases for example shortness of breath so it is highly toxic to humans .Large quantities of sodium cyanide are transported by railway cars and other trunks to the manufacturing sites and mines.There is a possibility of leakage from these trunks to rivers and roads which will have disastrous effect on population nearby. Additional control measures are necessary to prevent such incidents.Sodium cyanide plant also contributes towards noise pollution.Sodium cyanide plant contributes to global warming by releasing some toxic gases into the environment like CO2 which is a major cause of greenhouse effect.Leakage of Sodium cyanide into underground water will have a bad affect on plants .It removes the top most fertile layer of soil and leaches the important minerals from soil causing  soil erosion. How to minimize  the risks?By reducing cyanide concentrations to nontoxic levels which is one of the methods of protecting wildlife and other living things.By choosing location away from residential area to protect environment from noise pollution and air pollution By relying on natural source of energy like wind and solar power to reduce global warming .By planting the sodium cyanide plant away from river or sea water to protect sea life organisms.Building it near railway or highway to easily and safely transport sodium cyanide to avoid accidents.Building it away from area where there is more vegetation.This position is the best possible which minimizes all