D2 can be imported into other game



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assignment is about how I am able to maintain and edit my game in order to
improve on my game and make it more accessible from different platforms. Also
providing extension of the game whether it be adding additional levels to the
original game or creating a prequel to the game to develop the story of the
franchise. A way of maintaining the game is by editing the game in order for it
to be accessed on a different operating system for instance a console, they
would do this by enhancing the graphics and making the levels sprites look
better by sharpening the graphics and editing the resolution.


programming is the process of separating a computer program into smaller
sub-programs, a module is a separate software piece that can be often used in a
variety of applications and is able to function with other components of the
system. I used objects in my game in order to apply behaviours to the sprites,
these same objects are not limited to my game they have universal use as they
can be imported into other game maker games and used in the same way, the
object properties can also either be changed or kept and applied to other
objects. Within my game I have used scripts in order to create IF statements
and loops within my game for instance the scoring messages and the countdown
between level transitions. Both of these scripts can be applied to similar game
maker games if they need to use the scripts in their game, the scripts can be
edited to fit the needs of the other game for instance the context of the
messages and the amount of score needed to achieve the message or even the
length of the countdown.


Within my
game I have used sprites and objects, the sprites where used to provide
individuality among the characters and items used within the game also objects
have been used within the game and these objects like the sprites can be used
in other games which are made in the game maker launcher this giving the
sprites and object universal use and are not limited to just my game. Objects
and sprites can be used elsewhere to perform similar actions for instance
sprites could be used in a user guide in order to reinforce the individuality
of what the sprite looks like. Objects could be used within a technical guide
in order to show the properties of said object and how it has an influence on
actions within the game. In my game drag and drop behaviours are used in the
creation phase of the game as we needed to drag and drop the behaviours we
wanted to apply to our objects in order for our objects to behave in a certain
way. Scripts are used within my game in order to create countdowns and IF
statements to have message prompts in the game in order to aesthetically please
the game user as the messages can give a sense of achievement. The countdowns
are applied in order to give users time between levels to prepare for the next
level. A develop can use all of the things discussed above to maintain the game
by applying all of the behaviours to the current game and editing these in
order to create change to the original game in order to improve the game. They
could also extend the game by adding more countdowns leading into new levels
for instance another boss level. The IF statements can be used in order to
prolong the length of time you have to play they could do this by increasing
the score needed to see these message prompts.


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