Dayak is amazing. Their ancestral cultural heritage that

Dayak tribe is a tribe that has many traditional arts. In addition to being thick with culture, the Borneo Dayak dance is also a wealth of tradition that has existed for thousands of years. Borneo is very vast even the tribe is also very much. Dayak is one of the tribe that has a lot of potential to become a wealth owned by Indonesia, especially Borneo.Traditional dance must be owned by each region and have different movements. The diverse Borneo Dayak dance also has unequal movements. The Dayak tribes creativity is amazing. Their ancestral cultural heritage that has been preserved today includes the art of Borneo Dayak dance which is still frequently performed. And here are 5 dayak dance arts, let’s check this out….1. Gantar DanceThe first Borneo Dayak dance is dance. The movement in this dance is like a person who is planting rice. The stick equipment is used as a picture of wood pounder. For the grains and bamboo used it is described as rice seeds and also the container. Many types of this dance such as gantar busai, gantar rayatn and gantar senak dance. 2. Hudoq DanceThis one dance is a bit mystical because of the elements and goals of this dance. Hudoq dance is a dance of Dayak Borneo whose purpose is to protect and guard the life and rice after planting. The dance that’s believed by ethnic tribe as a dance of the arrival of the messenger god from the creator is a kind of dance that uses a mask. Certainly the mask used has a reason why it should be worn when hudoq dance is performed. According to local beliefs if they do not want to get sick, die or catch it then avoid direct gaze with the gods. That is the reason the mask is worn during hudoq dance.3. Kancet Ledo DanceThis dance brought Dayak tribe in East Borneo. Usually called as gong dance, in the dance is using a gong property. Gong dance is a manifestation of the expression of a woman who is so gentle that is dancing over the gong. With full balance the woman danced so gently the movement that was played. Clothing that is used so beautiful decorated with beads, as well as velvet fabric wrapped around waist.4. Kancet Papatai DanceAnother name for this dance is the war dance. In every dance that created by Dayak tribe, actually has its own story. Just as this war dance has a story about the Dayak Kenyah hero who is at war with the enemy. Movement in this dance is so agile, full of spirit and very lively. Clothes used in this Papatai Kancet dance wear traditional clothing belonging to the Dayak Kenyah tribe. With the equipment carried like a mandau (a kind of machete) weapon, armor complete with his shield.5. Kancet Lasan DanceSimilar to other dance moves, this Kacet Lasan dance draws the life of a hornbill bird. For the Dayak tribe, hornbills are venerable animals. Therefore, the Dayak tribe people made Kacet Lasan dance to honor the hornbills. That’s all as evidence of heroism and majesty. This dance is performed singly by Dayak Kenyah tribe. This bird movement imitates the movement of hornbills while flying and perched in the trees.