The you cannot tolerate their negative vibrations

The following are the factors:

1. Avoid these People:

It is not rude to stay away from the company of negative people, if you are doing so, it is only for your own benefit and development. Whenever such a situation arises that you cannot tolerate their negative vibrations it is better for you to leave the place. It will be better for you and also for the negative person because at least he will not give words to all the negativity that exists in his or her tiny head.

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2. Avoid an Argument:

It is essential to avoid arguing with a negative individual because not only will this argument immerse you into deep imbalance but your positive will also shift its focus to their negative. If that negative individual thinks that he or she has won the argument if will be good for both you and him because at least now the negative individual will shut up.

3. Stick to Light Topics:

When dealing with these negative people is unavoidable it is essential for you to stick to lighter topics. For example discuss cricket with the negative individual but never discuss politics with that individual. A simple hello and goodbye is also good for such people; do not get involved in deep conversations with them.

4. Appreciate when they Speak Something Positive:

It is essential to appreciate everyone especially a negative individual whenever he or she speaks something positive. As a result of your appreciation this negative individual might even start speaking more and more positive things because mind it, everyone loves to be appreciated.

5. Hang Out in a Group:

Never hang out alone with a negative person. Always try to be in a company of three or more so that whenever this negative individual speaks something negative a number of others are there to correct that individual.

It is essential to keep these few factors in mind if you cannot avoid the company of such negative people completely.


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