Dear polio. Mrs. Roosevelt worked as a chair

Dear Mr. President,I am writing this letter to propose a new National Holiday in honor of Eleanor Roosevelt.  As we know, Eleanor Roosevelt was our nation’s longest-serving First Lady; she held the post between March 1933 and April 1945.  She was married to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, having held four terms in office.  Mrs. Roosevelt was also a Civil Rights activist.  All I would like to do, Mr. President, is share with you the reason I believe Eleanor Roosevelt deserves a National Holiday dedicated to her, all due to the change she put on our society and why her change is important. Before I start to list how Mrs. Roosevelt impacted American Society, I need to share why she did it.  Eleanor became interested in enjoying the things she had always wanted to do or learn after President Roosevelt became sick with polio.  Mrs. Roosevelt worked as a chair of the United Nations Human Rights Commision which allowed her to stand up for what human rights.  Another motivator towards Eleanor’s rise to fame was President Roosevelt’s affair, as it caused her to become independent and act as her own person.  Mrs. Roosevelt would also look around at the World she lived in and saw the struggle the individuals in the Great Depression and the Second World War lived with everyday.  Eleanor’s success in her activism had eventually become a main part of her motivation. Eleanor Roosevelt was able to become a civil Rights activist due to the surplus of motivation she obtained through living her day to day life. Generally speaking, Mrs. Roosevelt began to influence change by spreading the word of President Roosevelt’s economic program “New Deal”. Eleanor Roosevelt listened, fought, and tried to achieve equal rights for Black Americans throughout the 1930s and 1940s.  President Harry S. Truman has since called her the “First Lady of the World” due to Eleanor Roosevelt’s Human Rights achievements.  Eleanor Roosevelt was also the backbone of the 1948 Charter of Liberties: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  This charter was the first time that countries agreed on a an agreeable statement of inalienable human rights.  Eleanor Roosevelt redefined what it meant to be a female member of the population within her activism by becoming independent from her husband and sharing her mind with the world. According to Emma Harris, Eleanor Roosevelt is a role model for Americans today.  Eleanor started a partnership with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People which has since ensured the equal rights of all persons and works to eliminate racial discrimination.  Eleanor Roosevelt influenced change, benefited all citizens, and impacted society today.   Furthermore, Eleanor Roosevelt’s civic and political participation was extremely important for numerous reasons.  In general, civic and political participation is important in democracy because a lack of would lead to no say in what decisions are made politically, causing the government to possibly do things that are not in the nation’s best interest.