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Why the decline in unions? Over the years, unions have been developed, and have grown in the workplace. Unions were designed to protect workers. Unions have come a long way in the history of the workplace. There was a time when unions were looked down upon, and workers were discriminated against because of their involvement in unions. If unions were looked so highly upon in the past, then why is there a decline in unionization? There could be several factors on why people are disapproving of unions.

I am not an expert, but these are some of the reasons I think unions have declined. Companies have grown and do more operating overseas. Workers may not think that a union would hold up and protect their rights due to the fact they are not in the U. S.. Not only are we working overseas, but today there are a lot more people coming from overseas to work and live in America. These immigrants may not want to engage in union activity because they may fear being deported.

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I assume that these immigrants are not very educated on the practice of unions, so if other workers are not being involved then why should they? People also may wonder why they need to be engaged in unions when there are so many federal laws to protect them from working in harsh conditions. Also, in today’s economy, many households have tight budgets and they may feel that paying union dues is throwing away money and they can’t afford to do that now. One of the answers may be simply just educate people on unions and show the advantages of properly working unions.


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