“Designer worse. While it may seem to

“Designer Babies” means to genetically modified the DNA of a fetus to achieve desirable traits among them. This ultimately changes their life, sometimes for better or for worse. While it may seem to some that designer babies are beneficial, they actually cause more harm than good because it goes against nature. This can lead to legal, social, and ethical issues.Being able to design your  baby would make a more prominent gap in the public eye between the “perfect” and “non-perfect” people. Wealthy individuals that can afford the cost of it will be at the highest point of the social scale and their kids will be in an advantageous position over their peers. The lower class won’t be able to afford this procedure, so their kids will be at the bottom of the social scale making the gap expanded.Although genetically modifying babies has benefits such as removing a bad gene, there are more negative and unpredictable effects that can result from it. The process toward changing an unborn child’s DNA is exceptionally sensitive and if the procedure isn’t done accurately, the embryo may be destroyed, which would defeat the entire procedure of trying to improve the infant’s future. Additionally, genetic engineering on babies could backfire on another gene. Genetically altering a child genes for one thing could likewise influence and kill qualities which control other vital components. Delivering a kid without autism could prompt significantly more issues, like anger problems. This could conceivably be destructive to society as it could increase the amount of violence throughout the world. If a parent doesn’t get their desired child, this can prompt legal actions. For instance, you buy the gene for intelligence but your child isn’t smart and is stupid. Now the parents are upset, they didn’t get what they paid for, and there is no return policy. Wrongful birth lawsuit develops, as do issues of medical misbehavior and expert negligence.Another issue is ethical issues. Most people, such as philosophers believe that kid development should not be meddled with. God committed no error in making us. By somebody changing their child, you are conflicting with God and what the kid is intended to be. Additionally, altering a child’s genes before he or she is born is a violation of rights.  We have to ask ourselves this. Imagine a scenario where the infant didn’t turn out how you would have preferred it to be. Would you still love him or her? Would you acknowledge him or her incapacities or run from it? What might you do? God made your kid a specific way. For what reason would you need to change that? I understand individuals want to take their child disabilities away. But what if it doesn’t work and makes it worse than it already is?  Another thing to do add to this is that the child will lose their individuality. I believe “Designer Babies”, should be banned. We should love our kids regardless of what they have.


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