DigitalXcess visitors will abandon a website that takes

DigitalXcess is a full service Internet solutions company.
Our mission is to provide ou r customers with the right technology and tools to
boost their business. We achieve this by integrating our products and services
into a comprehensive business and marketing strategy. We specialize in organic,
paid and social media marketing, branding, website development and more. Every
enterprise needs an online presence. The challenge is reaching appropriate
prospects and drive them to your website. Our task is to ensure a potential
clients web search discovers your company.


accomplishes this by applying the latest technical expertise. We offer a
specific marketing strategy for your business or industry. Using efficient,
paid search and social media marketing, we deliver results tied to your
satisfaction. DigitalXcess can run pay per click or pay per impression
campaigns for individual products, lead generation, and company branding

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DigitalXcess employs an expert and experienced staff that
carry out work using proper tools enabling progress of work anytime. We devote
an entire editorial team–with a low project manager to client ratio–to
deliver premium content. Our marketing plans and strategy distinguishes us from
other digital companies. Our CEO is a digital marketing specialist with a
strong sales background.


DigitalXcess works with leaders in various industries:
publishing, fashion, video games, auto, telecom, solar, constructions, real
estate, food and beverage, entertainment, motocross, auto, and more. We are
region specific offering local and international solutions. Our experts offer
full translations for international digital capabilities.

Global trends show 3.7 trillion Internet users and 966
million websites in 2017.  Worldwide
E-Commerce is approaching $2.5 trillion in 2018. Internet, social media, and
mobiles users are growing at a tremendous pace each year. 


But  40% of visitors
will abandon a website that takes 3 seconds to load and 80% will not return.
Thus, the challenge is to develop your website to be fast and responsive. This
requires an IT company that understands the correct rules of website promotion.
DigitalXcess is that company.


Contact DigitalXcess today. Ask for a complete analysis of
your digital sales and marketing needs and request a free demo.

SEO connects you to your customers. It is how they find you
on the world wide web. We develop your digital presence for the major search
engines and the people using them.


DigitalXcess analyzes the ranking components applicable to
your site. We embed the highly competitive searchable keywords relevant to your
business within the anchor, title, and body of the site and weigh their
density. This helps your site with a quantity of quality website visits
reducing bounce rate, followed by quality backlinks. We optimize for local and
international traffic.

Paid campaigns are meaningless if it does not bring leads
relevant to your business. We blend our services with your website to place it
high in search engine results. Search engine marketing is where sales take
place. But without proper planning and implementation, the return on investment
will be negligible. DigitalXcess provides results on your investment.


The commercial web is a crowded marketplace. DigitalXcess
offers a hybrid SEM solution that makes your business stand out. We target the
correct audience to assure the greatest return on investment (ROI).


We do this by using the correct combination of SEM
components. This includes a Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy that generates leads
and brands initiatives. We design impression campaigns for your entire brand or
individual products. Our Pay Per Click managers are Google Adwords certified.


Efficient, strategic paid search results in quality clicks
with a high conversion rate . Our unique approach accomplishes this and
controls your budget. We return your investment as prospects become customers.

Reaching a new customer is not enough to drive sales. They
must engage with your business. Social Media Marketing (SMM) offers new
opportunities to advertise. It is a new way to create brand recognition and
build a community of customers.


DigitalXcess recognizes Social Media Marketing as a key
component to commercial promotion. We apply a comprehensive and detailed
approach to expand your marketing opportunities.


understands all social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat. We identify you relevant audience,
build relationships, and broaden your company’s reputation. By monitoring and
responding to the resulting presence, we return your advertising investment.

The goal of a marketing strategy is to foster a unique name
and image for your business in a prospects mind. DigitalXcess helps design a
consistent theme describing your products and services. Our aim is to establish
a significant and differentiated presence in the marketplace. Whether its your
company presentation, logo, case study, brochure  or anything else, we help you with consistent
brand which makes your customers to recognize you easily


A robust website provides credibility for your business. It
is cost-effective advertising with a wide reach. Your website showcases your
products and services. It is always accessible, keeps your customers informed,
and improves customer services. By providing relevant information, it saves you
and your customers time and money.


DigitalXcess will build a new website or improve an existing
one with the correct theme. It will be full functioning and rich with features
designed for results. . Whether redesigning a site or migrating to a new
platform, we maintain your current Google ranking. We also guarantee desktop,
tablet, and mobile phone compatibility




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