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Do you think helping people unconditionally is the right way? In the19th century many countries are have been supplying aid and supporting undeveloped countries. Nowadays, most of these countries are depending on the supports of the developed countries and they receive aid either financial aid, or they receive food, medicine, etc. Giving international aid to poor countries have their own benefits and drawbacks and in this essay I am going to give details about them.

Firstly, the main advantage for giving international aid for undeveloped country is that foreign aid could be save their lives particularly during calamities and disasters, like in the case of natural disasters. The international aid not just giving them money to save their lives but also they can give them medicines and equipment for their illnesses. Moreover, they build hospitals and supply them by doctors.  

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Secondly,  international aid encourage development. They support poorer countries by well-educated teachers, books, classrooms and instructional materials ,so they raise the percentage of knowledge in poorer countries. Also, they build schools. All these aid could be promote their knowledge and increase the opportunity for jobs.This will not only benefit the country which is helped, but will improve the quality of life greatly for the individuals who are able to further their education.

On the other hands, there are disadvantages for giving international aid for poor country. When poor country receiving more external aid that will make them become more dependencywbich means they do not make much effort to deal with any problems that could be face it. The dependency lead those countries to the level that they pay no heed to their own natural resources. As a result these countries could not improve because they do not invest these aid in a good way for instance, building schools, companies or educate people. 

 Another disadvantages is that it is the corrupt governments of undeveloped country take international aid and put it in their own pocket and gain their political rather than helping poor people or develop their country. All that means the aid not reach to people who need it or invest the aid in a right way. 

In conclusion, providing international aid to poor countries has a lot of benefits to countries that are in need. However, when you look on the other side, you may see a list of disadvantages that can come from it. In my opinion, as a social creature, people should help each other, however we might come from different races, ethnics or languages. Likewise, the aid should be planned accordingly, the world can feel its importance and efficacy. International aid should be control by one organization that control them and ????  in a correct way. 


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