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Don’t attach all your hopes on one plan or person. For example if you want admission in one particular college then you should fill form of several colleges not just the one you desire. Similarly if you are searching for job, give your at as many company as you can. Do not give interview at one place and keep in waiting for the results.

In relationship don’t spend your entire time with your partner, talk and meet other people also. By this, I don’t mean fool around, but maintain relationship with friends and family. Don’t boycott or forget your loved ones when you are in a relationship, because if by any chance your lover leaves you, you will still have your family and friends with you.

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If a student only focus on school sports or other curricular activity and neglect his school study, then he may end up losing a year. Thus one should focus on all the aspect of life in order to maintain a balance in life.

Many people aspires to become famous by becoming an actor, they waste their entire life to get hold of one break. They spend their life as a struggling actor, what they fail to understand is fame can be achieved by other activities also.

There are many hidden talents with in a human being. If you will continue improving yourself in one filed neglecting other or even try to test your limit in other sector you will never be able to determine your own strength. Variety is the spice of life. Don’t put all your hope and dream in one plan, have a backup plan if one fails you must have other option to try for.


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