During the pool because it’s more convenient

During the summer Nicole often went to the pool, but I
honestly did not see the need to go to a place in which I had to see everyone
from school. Although I disliked the idea of going to the pool during the
summer, Nicole has been asking since the first day of summer and have denied
her ever since.

“Would you like to go to the pool or the beach?” she asked.

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“I prefer the pool because it’s more convenient and we don’t
need to travel as far.”

“Don’t worry I’m going to invite Jessica and Shynelis to the
pool,” I can hear her mother doing the laundry in the background. As the
silence between Nicole and I was a bit awkward, I knew I was keeping something
from her but it felt as though she knew what I was trying to hide from her. We
soon said our goodbyes and will be seeing each other in an hour.

The hour was approaching and I had no idea what to wear. A
bikini required me to be very confident of my body, a one piece is like what a
mother or an aunt would wear. I decided to wear a black tank suit, this was two
pieces that covered my stomach as well. While packing my items like a towel and
sunscreen I encountered Juliet on the phone. The strange thing was that Hayden
was in the house which seemed odd. I went up to her and asked: “who are you on
the phone with?”

She just looked at me and said: “It’s my husband he has a
phone you know for emergencies.” While she was saying this I can tell her hand
was covering her mouth and her posture was a bit suspicious. In my psychology
books, I have read that people in which lie most often don’t look at the person
straight to the eyes. This is what she was doing at this very moment. In addition,
Hayden was in the house, there was no need to use a phone. I could not
acknowledge her strange behavior because Nicole’s mom was here to pick me up.

When we arrived at the pool we sat under an umbrella, on a
circular table with four seats. When we sat around the black table we can see
all the little kids from daycare running around and splashing everyone on the
edges. I could also see some of the students that go to my school like Reilly.
Reilly is someone that was head over heels in love with me and believes we have
unfinished business to settle for our “relationship”. Honestly, I don’t know
how to tell him straight to his face that this is not a relationship because
I’m not necessarily the person to hurt someone’s feelings.

   Reilly started to
walk towards me with gray shorts which were up to his mid-thigh. He did not have
glasses like he usually does. His nose was white as snow. Reilly approached me
with confidence. “Hey, Scarlet why you haven’t called me yet?” This made me
just have a feeling of disgust and did not know what to say to him at that
moment because his eyes were straight to mine with no barrier. It was a strange
sensation talking to him without his glasses and made me feel even more awkward
than usual.

“Please leave me alone, we have nothing and will never have
anything so just accept it.” After I said that comment Riley left with his head

Shynelis looked at me and I could tell her amazement towards
this comment. “Scarlet, this is the very moment I was waiting for. Yes girl,
now look for a cute guy you might be interested in and it can’t be Jesse
because you know….”

While I looked at her and rolled my eyes, all I can think of
is that I actually stood up for myself against Reilly. Maybe he will leave me
alone for the day.

I noticed that the lifeguard on the ladder was leaving her
shift, then Jesse entered with a beautiful blond girl right next to him who at
first glance looks almost naked. Nicole was laughing very dramatically and was
trying to get Jesse’s attention. Jesse looked at us and waved his hand and said:
“Shynelis come here.” Shynelis stood up and could not believe Jesse the “shy
guy” knew her name.

The air felt dense, Nicole was looking at Shynelis with an
angry stare. I stood up to pretending to go to the bathroom all I can hear was
how Jesse was asking Shynelis on a date. When I walked out of the bathroom, I started
wondering what will Nicole think about not only her talking to her crush but
being asked out? I did not see Shynelis talking to Jesse at the moment but
Nicole was angry and did not look straight at anyone.