Education the future:I would like to continue my

Education and Career:I am a Swedish professor of physics specializing in astroparticle physics at Stockholm University, AlbaNova campus. I am member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences  and since 2004 serves as the secretary of the Nobel Committee for Physics.About dark matter: 80% of the solar system is considered a science material known as dark matter.  This material is unknown and I am still trying to discover what it is composed of.  I am attempting to find it by collecting materials from the air system in space.  What I have discovered was approximately 68% is dark energy forms that conclude in the approximate for as a energy that can be transferred.  The other 12% is physically dark matter that are all 3 forms of matter, anything from rock to nitrogen can be found in dark matter.  I have concluded my studies that some forms of matter include a increased amount of baryonic or baryonic acid.How Did I impact Society:I believe I led to the discovery of boronic acid in space which led to us finding that if the universal space air was all equal that this unknown matter would make up 80% of the air system in space.  Without this discovery the world would still not know what makes up the matter in space.  Scientist still call it dark matter because some of its chemical compounds are still unknown and may not be discoverable until further technology is developedAbout Me: I was born on July 17th, 1952 and I am a professor at Stockholm University, I educate in the art of theoretical philosophy and physics of astronomical space.  Not only to I educate students but I also continue my studies on dark matter, and the cosmic ray when I have free time.  The study of astronomical space is fascinating and trying to find what air in another cosmic system is incredible.What do I look forward to in the future:I would like to continue my studies for dark matter especially.  I want to look and really know what air is like up there and what is the atmosphere like.  I want to ask myself questions about what it would do to lifeforms when they inhale this air.  I also want to know what storms are like in the different parts of the solar system.  I look forward to collecting more data to help better studies about space and what the climate is like in space.


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