Effective be shy. We are modern, inovative

Effective communication is the
first step to enhance our company´s trademark. What is really important also in
your Department of customer service. That is why I am going to explain you
how to become more aware of it. Here is a characteristic of effective
communication in order to work with customer:


1.      Be a good listener. The best
way to achieve good results is to be able to hold our customers. So if they
have any kind of problem, you have to be prepared to listen carefully and then
choose the best way to solve it.

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2.      Empathy is essential. To be
a good member of our staff you need to be empathic. You have to be able to
step into the shoes of our client to imagine better the situation, in which
they are.



3.      Be calm. Once they are complaining,
you have to stay calm. Our aim is loyalty, so it means that you have to be
prepared for every kind of situation to save it– for example if our customer is
nervous and arrogant, you have to cool him down and try to explain what was the
reason of the mistake.


4.      Be specific. If a problem
occurs, you have to be consultant for clients. You should be competent to
enumerate all the causes and then all the solutions you are recommending.



5.      Take interest in their needs. Customers
are really good objects to invent new things. Be attentive, ask and make sure
they are satisfied. If not, ask them for their reactions, comments and advices
on what can be better in our company.


6.      Don´t be shy. We are modern,
inovative company which is focused on customer and their needs. So that we need
communicative staffer to prevent misunderstandings.



7.      Every product is original. You
should be capable to know all our products in details. Present them to the
clients in case they ask for it or they are not satisfied with exactly that one
they bought. You have to convince them that out mark is the best.


I attach
a great importance to the appropriate communication with our clients.
Because our clients are our pride.