Effective the international community to strengthen border security

Effective border security is one of the major challenges of today’s World. It is key to the effective implementation of counter-terrorism measures. It is also the first line of defence against the movement of terrorists across borders and the illegal cross-border movement of goods and cargo.

Maintaining secure ocean, land and air borders is extremely challenging for many States. Land borders, for example, can be tremendously lengthy and porous, and difficult to monitor. Other challenges source from the lack of financial and human resources, equipment and specialist skills, or the lack of intra-State and inter-State cooperation.

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The threat stemming from foreign terrorist travellers has recently increased the pressure on UN States and the international community to strengthen border security and prevent terrorist travel. Accordingly, the UN Security Council adopted the resolution 2178 in 2014, which aims at ceasing the flow of foreign terrorist travellers.

Another important tool in enhancing border security is Advance Passenger Information. In its simplest form, advance passenger information is an electronic communications system that collects biographical passenger data and basic flight details from airline carriers and transmits the data to border-security authorities in the destination country, prior to the flight’s arrival. This gives border -security authorities additional time to perform sufficient checks of all in-bound passengers.

On the other hand, to strengthen Europe’s security and defence in today’s challenging geopolitical environment, the European Council launched an inclusive and ambitious Permanent Structured Cooperation: A common list of criteria and binding commitments. Common Structured Cooperation has to be consistent with E.U. Member States’ national defence planning and commitments, also agreed within NATO and the UN.

Once we have to suggest more resolutions for solution, the internet and hand-held devices and credit cards are three vital resources to monitor, track & control human movements in today’s World of information. As far as these tools are effectively used, the possibility of terrorist detriment and cross-border movement can be minimized even down to 10% or less in accordance to the Interpol, the CIA & NATO and KGB security studies, conducted in recent years.

An effective cooperation and collaboration of World States and standardization in national and international security policies will enhance World peace and security. This, in turn, will facilitate controlling of cross-border movements of national and international terrorists.

Therefore, a positive understanding & collaborative approach among World countries is and will alwas be vital to establishing an effective global security.


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