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Elena HavardBook Seminar 1/5/18Additional AssignmentQuestion: Why do you think it was so much easier for Christopher to trust and forgive his mother than his father? How does this display his cognitive differences and inability to grasp certain social and cultural norms? I think it is so much easier for Christopher to forgive his mother because he comprehends everything purely based on evidence. To him the world is black and white, and he does not understand the fine nuances and details that make situations complicated.  In his mind, his father killed a dog and lied to him, making him a bad person. His mother on the other hand, even though most people would perceive her as a selfish, awful person for leaving her son and husband after having an affair with the neighbor, Christopher sees nothing wrong. Her actions to him are simply fact, he does not know love, so he also does not feel betrayal. She was honest in all of the letters that she gave to him, and had never told him a lie, so he had no reason to fear or despise her. He felt no anger at her in the first place, because he couldn’t understand that what she did was wrong and that her actions were much more worthy of his hatred. Christopher also feels a much stronger connection to animals than he does people, so the fact that his father killed a dog intensifies his loathing. These attributes displayed by Christopher show that he does not grasp certain social norms or cultural ideas surrounding marriage and ones duties towards their family. It also shows that his brain operates on a different level, incapable of forgiveness and driven strictly by logic. For example, he does not understand that his father was upset, and killing the dog was a terrifying, yet uncharacteristic outburst that most likely will never happen again. Instead he makes the connection that his father is capable of killing a dog, so there is nothing stopping him from killing Christopher as well. It is beyond his comprehension that there are moral and emotional hinderances and motivations behind his actions, and that he would never kill his son just because he is physically able to murder a dog.