Enquiry Letter to Sales Manager Requesting for Catalogue, etc.

I had the occasion to see some of your hobby products in the recently held exhibition and found them interesting, especially mechanical model helix and planes. We ourselves deal with these products in retail and have a very wide clientele.

Therefore, we would like you to send us a copy of your latest catalogue along with copies of descriptive leaflets that could be passed on to prospective buyers. We would be glad if you could send us a couple of samples of your hobby items along with the price-list and catalogue.

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We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,
(Manager Name)

Reply to a Letter of Enquiry

Sales Manager
(Company Name)

(Company Name)

Thank you for your enquiry and interest in our ____________ (vacuum cleaner Name). We may tell you that this is the ultimate in cleaning systems and has several advantages over all other systems available in the market. It is multipurpose and can be used both as a blower and sprayer. With foot- operated on-off pedal, self-controlling powerful motor, easy mobility and 7 operational accessories, it is a must for your house. We are enclosing a fully illustrated booklet which explains in detail all the functions that our ____________ (vacuum cleaner Name) performs.

In order to demonstrate its various functions and advantages over other brands of vacuum cleaners available in the market, our representative would be glad to come to your house. We have directed him to call on you for this purpose. He will soon make a call on telephone and fix an appointment with you.

We look forward to your early order and assure you prompt delivery and efficient after sales service.

Yours sincerely
(Sales Manager Name)


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