People United States opt for abortion due to

People who believe that fetus remains fetus until the nervous system is developed says the fetus does not feel any pain at the time of abortion because of the absence of nervous system. The baby inside the womb feels only after the development of the nervous system and this system is completely developed after the seventh month of pregnancy. Abortion is not possible after seven month of pregnancy. Therefore getting an abortion until four month of pregnancy is considered safe.

Thousands of women have died in the past because of illegal abortion. Abortion is now considered legal in many countries. People opposing legalizing of abortion, states that abortion is not required in today’s modern society. Many pregnancy preventive measure have been developed, these preventive measures can be taken by those women who do not want a child. The above statement is contradicted by pro abortionist, with the fact many pregnancy preventive measure do not always work.

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Encouragement of abortion will only lead to encouragement of sex. Many teenagers especially in United States opt for abortion due to unsafe sexual activity. Immature teenagers having no proper knowledge about sex, end up aborting unwanted child. Many times women are forced to abort. Many don’t want to give birth to a female child in many cases we see people opting for abortion because of female fetus. Thus, we see sex education and encouragement of gender equality may reduce the cases of abortion.

Abortion not only results in physical damage in a woman, but it also breaks her mentally. Many times a women fall into depression because of the guilt of murdering once own child.

As said by Mother Teresa:

“If a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between.”

Thus, people discouraging abortion feels, abortion should be banned as it might lead to serious health related issues both physically and psychologically. There is another view point in this regard, people feel unwanted child are generally not loved by their parents, they are neglected abused and even tortured both physically and mentally. But personally I do not believe in this view point, a child is always precious to their parents.

There are many cases of children going through physical and mental tortured without any reason. It ultimately lies in the mentality of a person, a person having a good mentality will always love and care for his child.

It is said, women has the freedom to decide what she wants to do with her body. When a woman takes the decision of abortion, it is not her body part that she decides to get rid of but a living being whose life is totally dependent on her.

Abortion is a controversial topic, there are still debate going on. There is still a confusion regarding considering abortion a right or a wrong action. Abortion depends on many situations, in some situation such as complex pregnancy that may lead the lives of both inborn child and mother into danger abortion might be a safe option, in order to save the life of the mother. Ultimately, it all depends on beliefs, opinion and perspective of an individual. In many countries more than 40% of pregnant women go for abortion.

Abortion has been legalized in many countries. Abortion was legalized in The United States during 1970’. The Abortion Act 1967 has legalized abortion in England, wales and Scotland.

Abortion was legalized in India in the year 1971.The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act of India clearly states the conditions under which a pregnancy can be ended or aborted.

As per Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act of India only qualified doctor can perform abortion. This abortion performed can only be done at approved hospital or clinic. As per the act a woman can only about within twenty weeks of her pregnancy, following are some other condition under which a woman is eligible to abort in India.

A Woman with a fetus that may form into a handicapped or malformed child.
A woman with complex pregnancy case, her physical and/or mental health might be endangered if she continues her pregnancy.
Pregnancies in unmarried girls under the age of eighteen with the consent of a guardian.
Pregnancies in “lunatics” with the consent of a guardian.
Pregnancies that result are a result of failure in sterilization.

Despite all these laws we still see many illegal cases of abortion. During 1990’s 5, 96, 345 numbers of women aborted legally, but we have no clue about the number of illegal abortion. There is need for strict measures to discourage abortion. More awareness program, sex education and promotion of gender equality can help in the reduction of illegal abortion cases. Abortion is the reason behind the reducing rate of women population.

It is only when the entire masses unites and understand the harmful effects of abortion, we will see reduction in rates of abortion and increase in gender equality

Abortion cases will continue to rise until and unless masses are aware about the after effect of abortion.

I request social societies to deeply focus on the matter of abortion and women equality, increase awareness in relation to abortion and rights of a woman. We can create awareness by the way to rallies and social programs.

As said by Friedrich Engels:

“Women can be emancipated only when she can take part on a large social scale in production and is engaged in domestic work only to an insignificant degree.”


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