If really don’t know how to balance rates

If you spend some time out of your home then you will realize that how much this bribery and corruption are spread in the society. This is an outcome of irresponsible government. If they really don’t know how to balance rates of essential items with the occupation of populace, then it is a big question that why they are still sitting on the chairs? If you look at outside you will notice that there is a corruption in each field. This is providing a wrong message in populace. People have started thinking that corruption can survive them in this highly expensive society. If you are going through any type of documentation work related to government you will need to provide money at every step. Each signature of “honorable person” will ask you for money. If you refuse to pay them then you will be on their watch list. No one will help you or show humanity to help you. Your work will always live in pending condition.

Is this really living place? If world only knows the language of money then is it really a life you are living? If you don’t wish to find answers behind this then you are also one among them. You are only providing food to their roots. One day these roots will increase to such extent that it will become impossible to find way through all this. The best way to avoid bribery and corruption is to take strict action against it.

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Yes, we can stop this ongoing chain. What we need to do is just live in unity. Say “no” to each corrupted person. Avoid them in society. Create group of polite people. Select appropriate candidate in elections.

These ways can surely lessen the ration of bribery and corruption. If you can not stop it then at least don’t let it to grow further. Stop feeding to corrupted officers and all those who are a part of this corruption. Always think about the next generation. If you really wish them safe from corruption then you need to take first step against corruption.


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