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True to its business-oriented existence everything in a big city seems to be about money, there are no attachments and relationship as in a small city or rural area where inhabitants know each other and respond in a friendly nature to one another. One thought brought up to explain this is, most people are strangers to one another in big cities, rarely knowing anything about each other and all striving to protect their business interests that brought them there in the first place.

On the positive side living in a big city exposes one to people from other cultures with different experiences, enriching a person’s growth. There are generally better facilities such as schools and hospitals in a big city as compared to a rural area; however these facilities befittingly come at a higher cost.

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Roads in big cities are usually better and secure than those elsewhere, they have traffic lights and cameras, designed to keep the people safe and avert dangers associated with using the road. Nevertheless, there is usually horrible traffic in big cities, some get so bad, and people opt for alternative means of transport such as bicycles and foot to escape it.

For all the benefits we get from living in a big city it is usually over populated as many people migrate there to access better business opportunities, with over population comes pollution. Most big cities because of their large populations have sanitation problems, too many people scattered at too many places for the sanitation agencies to effectively clean the city. Generally big cities are far noisier than rural areas, with cars, trains, hawkers, and a host of other engines humming from every corner. As far as security is concerned, a big city and rural area both have advantages and disadvantages, if in a rural area or small city there are lesser crimes, there is a weak police and military presence, so that if there were to be an emergency, it may not be convincingly dealt with. Whilst in the big city the security forces are, well trained, armed and accessible, the crime rate is relatively higher.

Every ant has its sting, if we must get stung we might as well pick the ant whose sting we are best able to deal with.


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