Most eighty crore worth of granite totally

Most of these granite quarries were owned by Tamil Nadu Minerals Department which leased these quarries to private parties who in return paid for the granite they mined. Nine people including a tahisildar and a deputy tahisildar were suspended by the state government in Madurai as they were found to be connected with the granite mining mafia. A senior clerk of Tamil Nadu minerals limited was also arrested. Actions were also initiated in Melur against the retired government officials who were suspected as being majorly involved in the scam. The most astonishing report revealed by NDTV said “A company that pays the government eighty lakhs literally transports eighty crore worth of granite totally unaccounted for or much more than what they have been permitted to mine”. It is shameful to see how our country is being looted by the dacoits inside.

The scam has been solved to almost completely because an important granite baron P. Palanisamy and a major granite exporter from Madurai surrendered to the police. Melur’s Madura Granite’s owner Panneer Mohammed also surrendered to the police soon though his advocates argued continuously that all the illegal reports against him were biased and fabricated. Inspector Ramakrishnan from Madurai was also arrested by the DIG of Madurai because he was not conducting his duties in a proper manner. The immediate actions taken by the government once the scam became visible to them and to the public eye should be appreciated by all the Indians.

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