Essay on the Importance of Communication

As a rule, the better one communicates the more successful one is. People who can communicate effectively are usually equally effective at whatever they do. These individuals are able to state clearly what they want, first to themselves and therefore they are always motivated and filled with purpose, and then to those they are working with so they know exactly what the goal is and what their part to play is.

Good communicators are good leaders for this reason, they can clearly and effectively communicate their goals and plans for achieving them to those they work with, so everyone understands the goal and are motivated to work towards it.

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Often we say and hear others say “that is not what I was trying to say”, that statement is a sign of a barrier in the communication process on going, most likely because one of the parties involved is lacking with their communication skills. Our ability to communicate usually pars with our problem solving ability because we know and can communicate our problems clearly and thus elicits the right response to solve problems.

Every organization adds to the list of required skill for prospective employees: the ability to communicate effectively. This skill is very necessary today with the communication revolution brought by technological advancement, to be successful today one must be adept at communication not just physically but also through the technological tools used today.

So it is, in our personal relationships the better we are at communicating the more sociable we are and the more acquaintances we have, consequently the more popular we become.

As much as some people may seem to communicate effortlessly, communication is an art and is developed through practice and assessment, every good communicator goes through a process whereby they learn and practice the skill of communication, they review themselves and build on where they may be lacking.

As an activity almost all life forms are involved in albeit in widely different ways, communication is a crucial part of our existence and interaction, our ability to master it can be the difference between getting what we want and “I am trying to find the right words” and “what are you trying to say.”


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