Essential and relocating and Packing material for

Essential Box while relocating and Packing material for movingVisit top 5, for tips and trick of Essential Box while moving and relocating and Packing material for moving when you are not moving via packers and movers Gurgaon and movers and packers Gurgaon.Essential Box while moving and relocatingEssential box is the box in which you are going to keep all your important things that you would require for the survival for the number of days that you do not have your luggage. Thus it is very important to pack all the necessities in the essential box. The box should be packed very carefully keeping in mind the day to day requirements. It should not be over packed and should be carried with you and should not be sent in the truck.After you have planned your move i.e. the day and date on which you plan to move, the date of arrival, how many days will it take for you to pack, how many days will it take for you to unpack etc, you must list out the items that you will require for the basic survival. These items should have a few edible goods like jam etc so that you can fix a breakfast for yourself and the family, it should have a few medicines, toiletries, clothes, pots pan etc. Also keep your electric kettle in the same box (just in case you have not been able to establish your kitchen on time, you still have a source of hot water). Do keep a few empty bottles/ jars in same box.You must also pack a little bit of dish washing liquid, detergent. In case you have a pet, make sure you keep the pets feed also in the essential box. The main purpose of an essential box is to help you survive for a few days before you settle down at the new location. Thus make sure you have all the basic necessities that will fulfil your basic needs for those couple of days.Packing material for movingOnce you have listed out your items and have made a check list for the same, you need to stock yourself up with the requisite packing material. It is very important to survey the market before you purchase the material. Also it is very important to buy good quality packing material which can hold and support your goods whilst in transit. Also make sure you buy the packing material that has waterproofing qualities which can protect your goods from damages occurring due to rain or any other kind of leakage.The basic packing material that would be required to pack up the whole house would include at least four to five big cartons, five- six medium cartons and three four small cartons (this is other than the cartons that would be required to pack the electronics in case you do not have the original packing). Yon would also require a few wooden boxes to pack up a few articles. Other than the cartons you would require to buy at least five to ten meters of plastic wrap and bubble wrap depending upon the amount of breakable items. You would also require to purchase at least five to six plastic tapes, markers, blanket wraps etc. Make sure you have lots of newspapers, or else you can also purchase some thermocol for stuffing in between the goods so that they do not rub against each other. You would also require scissors, box sealing tapes, A4 size sheets and mattress cover etc. This is all about Essential Box and Packing material for moving without packers and movers in Gurgaon and movers and packers Gurgaon.