Evaluate by authentication management by verifying certain details

Evaluate typical services from a network operating system
directory service


Directory Services

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Account management is necessary for users
who are connected to a network because it grants the user certain abilities.
Account management provides the ability to edit the type of account a user has
and what the user is able to do with that account. For example, giving the user
special permission to have access to a certain part of a network, adding more
users or even removing them. Account management can provide excellent security
for every account that is connected to network. A username and password will be
created for the account, however there are many other advantages in terms of
security. An example would be two step verification. A common issue users face
is lost passwords. If this issue is to occur with an account which is a member
of a secured network then this would be extremely problematic as resetting
passwords to accounts in a secured network is different from resetting a
password on your home computer. A secured has the possibility of containing
hundreds of users. The process would not be simple and fast, which may result
in the account being locked leading to loss of information stored on the
account and the account itself. However, if a user does manage to login, with
the correct details, navigating and accessing files is simple and fast. Whenever
a client was to login, they can access specific documents and areas without
needing to get permission from an administrator which would take a while
longer. The user would have instant access to software, files and information
as well as tangible peripheral devices such as printers, scanners etc.  Which can provide advantageous for the user. Account
management is great for larger environments but not so ideal for smaller ones. If
a smaller network was to make the decision to manage their accounts in this
manner then this would increase the cost since storage and server operating
system would need to be purchased. Not to mention training would be required
to. Smaller networks are simply better off working with a less complex

Authentication Management is used to manage ID
within a network. Users which are a part of the network have their own
individual set of privileges and authorities. For example, some users can make use of public resources such as printers. This
is done by authentication management by verifying certain details about the user.
This can also be of assistance to users who have forgotten their password or
personal details required to use their account. Authentication management does
this by having the user enter data requested to match their identity, which
will allow authentication management to use this data to decide whether this is
the real person or an imposter trying to gain access. To add protection to the
network itself, security to accounts must be installed. This is so that the
correct person with the correct details is able to access to the network. If
anybody was able to access the network then this would put the network at risk.
In a larger sized network, authentication management is essential for extra
security. Authentication management monitors users, the credentials which get
provided will be compared the those which are on a database and based on this,
the system will either allow or deny access. Only matching information will
grant authorization. This means that if there are any intruders who are
attempting to gain access to the network they must go through a series of
defences, one of them being authorization. A common weakness among users is the
password strength. This is determined by how complex the user has structured
their password. A strong password should always include lower case and upper-case
letters, some numbers, symbols and should be a decent length, nothing too
short. The weaker a user’s password is, the more vulnerable the user becomes,
in turn putting the network itself at risk. If an intruder is to obtain another’s
account, they would have access to the network and they could cause some damage
and even crash the network. Intruders can gain access to a password by WPA2
packing cracking. To counter this, special characters should be included in the
password in attempt to avoid this method.  Although authentication such as this is
considered secure, no proper identification is provided such as biometric
security. A person can access a person’s account just because they had found
their credential information. If a user has access to administrator details,
they can then login and access other people’s accounts. Authentication is a
good method of security however it can be easily bypassed.

Active Directory

DNS stands for Domain Name Server. It is
a server in the computer that contains a database of IP addressed and their associated
host names. DNS translates domain names, which are usually in letters which
makes it easier to remember for humans, then they will be translated into IP
addresses. DNS servers uses a special type software and communicate with each
other via the use of special protocols. Domain names will make it easier for
people to remember them since on the internet, every website is located using
IP addresses. IP addresses can be hard to remember for people due to the length
and complexity of the IP address itself. An example of an IP address would be This is one of the many IP addresses
that belong to Facebook. But instead of seeing a bunch of numbers, we as users
would see: www.facebook.com. Thanks to domain names, people will not be required
to find and remember every single IP address, which can save time. Malware can
hijack DNS servers and by doing this, malware will be able to redirect user to
other websites which are full of ads and malicious content. DNS work fast, and
everything is done in a blink of an eye. This is why when if the user was being
redirected to another site which is malicious they wouldn’t even notice the
change until its done.