Every what African Americans are and are

time we turn on the television, a mention of race is deeply imbedded using
subliminal messages. In this analysis paper I am going to discuss, different images
from the media and analyze them. I am mainly going to be focusing on
“controlling images” and “racial ideology(ies).” The book Race
& Racism A Critical Approach by Golash- Boza defines controlling images as raced,
gendered, and classed depictions in the media that shape people’s ideas of what
African Americans are and are not. The book Race & Racism A Critical
Approach by Golash- Boza also, defines racial ideology as a set of principles
and ideas that (1) divides people into racial groups and (2) serves the
interests of one group. I will be discussing three different racial
stereotypical advertisements that I came across that stood out to me the most.
The first advertisement that I am going to advertise is the Vogue magazine that
has Lebron James and a Caucasian model on the cover compared to the King Kong
advertisement that has already been around for decades published. Secondly, I
am going to delve into the Dove commercial where the Black girl takes off her
shirt and turns into a Caucasian women. 
Lastly, I am going to evaluate the advertisement that dealt with an
African American and a Caucasian man in London that was advertising for a
real-estate company that was blatantly disrespectful to African Americans.

blind ideology can be applied can be applied to almost any arena of society,
from mass incarceration to the educational gap between blacks and whites and
even to acts such as the killing of Trayvon Martin.” Race & Racism A
Critical Approach by Golash- Boza gives a great example of racial ideology that
is present and current to today involving color blind ideology.

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want to, first, discuss the Lebron James Vogue cover. This is very
disrespectful. The model even has the same outfit on as the Caucasian women on
the other cover. Lebron is perpetuating a stereotype that black men are wild
savages like in Zootopia. It is in there DNA like the predators. The white
women is like the bunny. This ‘King Kong capturing the damsel in distress’…
is offensive. This advertisement is a prime example controlling images painting
Lebron James to be a salvage or an animal at its finest.

posted a three-second video clip over the weekend of images of a black woman
removing a brown shirt, then below a white woman removing a white shirt. A
“dirty” black person cleansed into whiteness. This is an example of both racial
ideology and controlling images because it shaping the audience view to think
from the perspective of the black race being un pure or dirty and the white
race being pure and clean. Racial ideology plays a big part in this
advertisement as because it is geared towards the interest of the white race
being the most purest and cleanest.

advert by the Notting Hill-based firm Strutt and Parker was displayed in in
London’s underground. The poster features a black male stood next to the slogan
“Some Notting Hill folk were born to dance” alongside a smartly
dressed white man dressed in a suit with the caption “Others to sell
flats”. This advertisement refers to both racial ideology and controlling
images. Controlling images that African Americans are great at accomplishing
one aspect, which is entertaining while White men are much successful. Racial
ideology because this is geared towards one race being superior over the other.

conclusion all of these advertisements are very much offensive. As defined
“controlling images” and “racial ideology(ies)” are expressed in each one of
these three advertisements that I discussed. The Lebron James advertisement Lebron
is perpetuating a stereotype (that of the brutal, wild savage) that helped
enslave, lynch, and murder hundreds of thousands of our black men for
centuries. In the Dove advertisement, it evoked a long-running racist trope in
soap advertising: a “dirty” black person cleansed into whiteness. Finally, in
the last advertisement displaying a clear racial divide in the affluent area of
West London of the Caucasian and African American man. Racism and stereotypes
are still persistent in this day in age and do not show any signs of letting
up. That is why it is important to stay educated and to know your history so we
can try not to repeat the same mistakes. Every person on the advertisement team
should have thought about the impact before sending these images out to the