Fearless by Beijing upon the return of HK

Fearless Pro-Democracy Hong Kong Protesters will continue fighting for democracyHow many times do the young and innocent have to be imprisoned? How can Beijing continue to deceive the people of Hong Kong with its 1 country 2 systems lie?We will keep sacrificing ourselves for our country’s democracyThe re-arrest of Joseph Wong shows that we, as Hong Kong citizens, aren’t staying silent about the ongoing threat to our freedom of political expression. The Communist Party of China shouldn’t be allowed to have drastically changed the political status quo of Hong Kong by having a fully elected Chief Executive and legislature.The foundations of Hong Kong’s society has been built on a British system of freedom of expression and freedom of speech. These form the fundamentals of human rights. Lives and personalities of the Hong Kong people have been influenced and created, in part, due to the moral walls within they lived.  July 1st, 1997 changed all of this.  China took back ownership of Hong Kong and now they are trying to control, influence and change the very fundamentals of the society within. China’s society lives within a different moral code, proven in many ways such as their legal system, birth control and constant disdain for anything western.  Hong Kong, on the other hand, is recognised on the global banking stage and has very firm historical morals and values based on the rights and importance of their people.Under the supposed “one country, two system’ rule agreed by Beijing upon the return of HK to China’s rule on the 1st July, 1997, political expression, democracy views and process should not have changed. Two systems means exactly that – two systems, which should enable China to continue in their political path without enforcing any of their systems or viewpoints onto the people of Hong Kong. It is grossly wrong and unjust to prevent the people of Hong Kong from behaving in historical ways with liberties allowed such as freedom of speech, personal expression and ultimately in a democratic society. The undemocratic voting by Beijing of Carrie Lam, now the Chief Executive of hong Kong, has started the flood of activistits rising up to protest for their right to freedom of speech. Friday the 26th September, 2014 marked a revolutionary pro-democracy social movement that took over Hong Kong. Concerned about the increasing control over hong kong by Beijing, the young and old citizens of hong kong began to rise up. Never before had I ever seen Hong Kong packed with such a gathering of people unhappy with their government. There was said to be 50,000+ participants. This was nicknamed the umbrella movement due to the volumes of umbrellas used as symbols of freedom. Around 1 in 5 HK Residents turned out for it, and 88% of participants said that the legislative council should decline political reforms and allow an actual choice for HK citizens. Following this headline grabbing mass protest, the ‘activist movement’ has gathered pace pushing one of the main activist leaders, a Hong Kong student, Joseph Wong, fully into the political spotlight and arena.  “I hope that even if I go to jail, it will motivate more and more HongKongers to commit to determine our future, instead of fully relying on those ruling class who dominated our future” – Joshua Wong, Hong Kong pro-democracy Activist Lam Yik Fei/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesIt is important that the International Community realize that Hong Kong is already under an authoritarian rule. Hong Kong is supposed to have the most freedom out of all the Chinese Territories. Hong Kong needs to be put under the spotlight and make people realize that China is completely violating human rights. Right now, all Hong Kong is, is a place where youngsters are imprisoned. I strongly believe that the government are sending the lead activists like Joshua Wong to prison for as long as possible, in order to obstruct their chances of running for election. With the subduing of the Beijing regime, all Hong Kong citizens must become more aware and fight for their right to democracy. Even with the main leaders jailed, HongKongers can’t step backwards. We need to fight for our front line position. Hong Kong citizens needs to work together to create a louder voice and prove to Beijing that our human rights are not negotiable. This is our home and our children’s future. Giving up is not an option, and we need to prove to China that we aren’t going to give up. “I’m tired, and I’m scared, but I will still keep on fighting” – Joshua Wong              — Carrie Lam (HK Chief Executive)Together, we can build a better Hong KongChina is a great country. We support Hong Kong dearly. We know we can make Hong Kong a better country. Hong Kong wouldn’t have chosen the right Chief Executive if it wasn’t for Beijing’s input. I am by far the most effective person for the position. The ignorant and disruptive protests of Hong kong should consider all angles before jumping to conclusions. China has the greatest economic growth in the world. In fact, the economic growth is increasing by 10% every 30 years, so of course the government would appoint the right person, me, Carrie Lam, for the role of guiding HK into the bright new future of 1 country, 2 systems. People are scared of change, but Beijing, and I as the new HK Chief Executive, will show the unruly amongst us that change can be good and progressive. I want Hong Kong to be a city full of hope and happiness where we are all proud to call our home I assure that I will do my absolute utmost to achieve unity in Hong Kong’s society and connect all different people together. This will create a better economy, people’s livelihood, and a more democratic society. We need to safeguard Hong Kong’s core values through “caring, listening, and acting”. If Hong Kong wasn’t aligned with Beijing, they wouldn’t have any economic benefits. Central Investment from Beijing won’t be forthcoming if Hong Kong turns its back on Beijing with things like infrastructure, contracts overseas, and help with macro economic measuresThere wouldn’t be any inward tourism from China, affecting Hong Kong’s economy even more It’s common sense. If Hong Kong’s 26 Kilometer of the high speed rail wants to tap into this massive network of high speed trains in the mainland, we have to have colocation. If not, people would have to get off the train or cross the border, and then find yet another train, which really doesn’t make any sense. China’s own system is something being guaranteed under the Basic Law. I am thoroughly aware of the lack of understanding from the Hong Kong citizens so as Chief Executive, I will try my best to prevent the misunderstanding and help the two legal sectors. A lot of Hong Kongers believe that I have forgotten that home and cultural dynamics have changed, and supposedly multiple generations don’t longer live under one roof. This is incredibly incorrect. In the past 5 years, 4 and a half of which I was Chief Secretary, Hong Kong’s social welfare program has grown by 71%.Elderly people are now receiving Old Age Allowance, which is going to be enhanced to over HK$3,400 a month. I am also working hard to build more Old People’s Homes. 5 of Hong Kong’s Universities are amongst the top 100 in the world, with many well trained professors. I am clearly developing Hong Kong and making it a much better place to live in. It is short sighted and naive to consider we cannot learn from the strength of such a bigger and older country as China. Hong Kong is great and with an open mind and the right leadership, it will become a  greater place. Stand with me and embrace change with open arms.