Finding Myself

Being an adult, I look back into my teenager years and fresh years of being a young adult unto now. I have always viewed life deeper than most that are my age. I wouldn’t when I was younger I was confused, but I always did what my friends thought was cool to do. But when it came to my thinking and my emotions, I loved deeper and had a great deal of compassion for people. I knew and was taught since God loved people in spite of the bad things that we do. I did too. I would look pass what they might say, act or think about life.

I had a sense that it is more to life then we try to take grips on. Maybe it was because I grew up in church and I was always exposed the Gospel and wanted to know so much more about this supernatural power of healing and deliverance from evil. You could even say I some teenagers (females especially) just mature faster in some areas then my peers. But see this was not the case, I remember a time in which I was in high school and hanging with me and my girlfriends at the movies or wherever it was we hang out on the weekends.

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Some and not everything they tried to have theory. I would always think about what the Holy Bible said that particular thing and relate how situations how in my life were similar so I could overcome them. On the summer of 2007 a year after graduating from high school, I had so many things I wanted do, good paying jobs where I could work, places to travel by visiting different states. This summer was about hanging out and working before I would start to classes at college.

I was excited to have a job where I wanted to work and make my own money, meeting new people different high school. This was the time in which I was learning how to become a young adult, the foundation in which a young adult learns to be responsible, take accountability for your actions. Granted I was still young and did not know anything, but was being taught how to take care of myself as a young lady future woman. At this time of my life, I soon learned what is not acceptable from not only from my family but from God.

Since I was not knowingly, was forming a relationship with God. Everything that had taken place and was going to play out in my life was predestined to be so I would have a great testimony. This summer I had no clue of an incredible journey that shifted the direction my life was going to take. It was a cool summer’s night, the night was young and we had the whole night ahead of us to do whatever we wanted to it seemed like. We had no money, but with us sinfully being who we were, we managed to enjoy ourselves and with trouble.

I can remember hanging out with some friends from my old neighborhood in St. Louis. It was always live in my old neighborhood, old summer tunes were playing. It was a life I could not imagine leaving behind. I came across a relative of friend that I had not seen in a very long time. She was sent to the side of time where I was to look for someone. But by the turn of our conversation of reminiscing, she began wanted to ask me a question.


I'm Johnny!

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