FLATBED and color filters to separate the image

FLATBED INPUT DEVICESScanner being another input device, takes in another genre of inputs from the user. What the scanner does is basically it scans the document placed over the glass surface and displays it on the exhibiting device; may it be textual document, an image, or something 3D.There are different types of scanners which use disparate technologies thereby drawing a line in it usage and application.CCD SCANNER-CCD as in Charge Coupled Device. The ccd component of the scanner determines what is the scanner scanning. When the scanner is turned on it passes a rod of light which used to be xenon lamp or cold cathode ray, now has been replaced by a series of LED connection lights. The charge coupled device converts the light into an electrical charge after which it is sent to the computer as digital data. The user presents object/ paper to be scanned is reflected by couple of mirrors underneath the glass surface and then is focused by a lens onto an array of CCD sensors. Varied sorts of materials when placed on the glass surface of the flatbed reflect different amount of light when it is thrown upon it; the difference of it is obtained by the scanner thus making an actual digital image of it. 3D object scanning leve it black in the empty areas might be cropped. The more the no.of CCD arrays higher the resolution which leads to higher and better image quality.When the document is to be scanned in the colored format it uses additional lens and color filters to separate the image in RBG versions which then after processing would give the actual color of the image. It is slower in the older technology because it requires multiple scanning.Generally used everywhere like offices, school, etc. for scanning photos, documents purposes mainly because it has an ideal image resolution, portable, usability, customer friendly.CIS SCANNER-This type of scanner uses Contact Image Sensor. This sensor uses a array of LED that shines light in the document on the glass surface so that the image sensor will take a picture of the docs and present it on the screen.The working is similar just the technology has been improvised to produce altered results. The scanned docs is of lower quality than that of the CCD tech. On the upside, the scanner is lighter, cheaper, and more efficient.HAND SCANNER-Hand scanners have similar usage just the heads side it has the benefits of being really compact in size which unfortunately varies the quality of the image inversely. It is also easier to carry around and use. The user just have to move down from the top off the document that requires scanning. The scanned documents are stored in a micro SD card which are transferred using a USB cable.SMARTPHONE SCANNERS- This type of scanner is the most widely used because it is so user friendly. These scanner use the phone’s higher resolution camera and post process the document inhaled document using a scanning app. It has vast applications including document scanning, barcode scanning, hand scanning


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