For and after the child is born also

For my assignment, I am going to describe my views on being a Health and Social Care professional as I have been chosen to talk about midwives, as they are professional career. Nurses and midwives are a big group of staff that work in Health and Social Care and it is an important part of the healthcare team. They work in varied range of health setting practice to provide a healthy environment and no chance of high risk for women with obstetric and gynecologic care. They can work in patient homes, hospitals or birthing centres. Therefore, nurse midwife will support women and manage all the stages of their pregnancy throughout the pregnancy and after the child is born also set a good nutrition of the mother. Nurses’ midwives are working close to the GPs, health visitors and social workers.  Knowledge that midwives must have, they need to understand the foetal and how the child is developed and the benefits of breastfeeding, during the process of the pregnancy and after the child is birth. They have to help the patients with their concerns and their needs are met. According to the NHS (2015) the midwifes must discuss the birth plan with the patients and what happen in labour, it also gives chance to midwife to know and understand each other better and make their first priorities.  Birth plan include the place where the patients went to give birth like in hospital, home and birth centre it is an optional.  But the place most be safe and should be right for the patients.  Also, optional of using pain relief must be explain by the midwife as this help during the labour and it helps with relive pain and there are different methods can be used.    The midwives have to listen to the patients on what they need beside that they need to know about their medical history and if there have any pervious pregnancies, arrange for physical examinations which is a wellness check to check your overall health, which is according to the NMC (2009), which said diagnosed pregnancy and assess and observe women holistically throughout the pregnancy and postnatal period and this is done by using different assessment methods.   According to the Maye’s midwifery (2011, p.197), midwives must understand about the principle of good maternal nutrition and use their knowledge of nutrition to advice women about their diet during the pregnancy. Therefore, midwife advising about healthy eating during pregnancy is good and this can have long terms benefits for the all family. For example, proteins, amino acids, iron, vitamin D etc these are the essential nutrients for the mother and the baby.   It is important that midwife explain to the patients about the various antenatal tests and screening they need to do in fully explaining and what the purpose of each test and give the patients time to discuss those tests with partner or family. These tests are gives to the patients during their pregnancy which can help them to know about their health and the baby, so tests are optional to do. Patients might refuse to do antenatal test then the midwives should explain to them why they need to do it, give them information and then it is up to them to accept or no. So, they have the right to refuse any antennal tests, according to code of conduct of NMC (2009 code 5), the midwives need to act in the best interest of people at all times which means that respect a person’s right to accept or refuse. For example, at some stage when the baby has growing, the midwife will offer to the patients if there want to listen to the baby’s heart rate or not by using ultrasound waves. However, in some stage, the midwife will do some blood test, urine to check your glucose and protein and feel the abdomen to see how the child is growing and they do this with your consent. Therefore, the midwife should make sure that she gets the properly informed consent and document it before carrying any action (NMC, 2009, code 6).   The NMC (2008) must support the patients during the labour and observe the conditions of the foetus and this is done by the give the mother and the reborn child a good environment care.  Also, take appropriate emergency procedures to meet the health needs of women and babies. Producers like examine the uterus and manging post-partum haemorrhage.