FORUM: an opportunity to build their skills, learn

FORUM: General AssemblyQUESTION OF: “Methods to prevent child marriage in Africa” SUBMITTED BY: Canada CO-SUBMITTED BY: AndorraThe General Assembly, Fully Alarmed  considering the fact that 37,000 females, under the age of 18, are married ofRequests that nations implement safe space programmes as this curriculum can successfully build girls’ self-confidence, agency and self-efficacy, which they need to thrive, this curriculum covering ;life skills, health financial literacy this could provide girls with an opportunity to build their skills, learn and meet friends and mentors Some of these programmes have economic empowerment components, such as; conditional cash transfers, or traditional transfer in the form of animals, which have proven successful in increasing the age of marriage,Recommends that develop support networks works are held directly with and for the girls to give them a opportunity to build their skills and knowledge about child marriage, this could help with their knowledge of but not limited to; understanding  and exercising their rights and develop support networks, is an important part of our efforts to end child marriage,Using an empowerment approach can lead to positive outcomes for girls and their families by supporting girls to become agents of change, helping them envisage what alternative roles could look like in their communities and ultimately helping them to forge their own pathway in life,Expresses its hope for young people to be agents of change could result to an effective and empowering process, many organisations work with young people so they can advocate for change as well as helping to inform the design of programmes that directly benefit their peers;youth groups, encouraging dialogue between youth and community leaders, building the capacity of young people are all ways of supporting young people to be champions of change in their own communities, Suggests organizations take action into educating the children’s parents affect as some parents from very traditional communities believe that child marriage is a way of protecting their daughter so she will be taken care of shielding her from harassment and sexual violence before she reaches adolescence, unfortunately, families often do not know the effects of early child marriages, so education will benefit such parents on the harmful effects of forced early childhood marriage, Requests for nations to act upon legalization against Child Marriage as some countries have very low minimum legal age of marriage; Sudan having the lowest of 10, in cases where the legalization is already in place some are still facing trouble gaining traction over traditions so by legalizing against child marriage we can insure all girls affected are happy.  Urges member states to remain seized on the matter.


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