FREE lunch and eat your breakfasts at

FREE WIFI & long
distance calls including international. This beautifully decorated pool and spa
vacation home is located in one of the most popular communities in the Disney
area. Surrounded by orange groves, our community Orange Tree has a lot to offer
our guests. Not only are you staying in a very nice and recently decorated
vacation home but you are also staying in a nice and quiet community, safe and
still close enough to the theme parks and shops and restaurants are almost at
your doorstep so getting your groceries for meals at home to save money is
conveniently accessible within a 5 minute drive. Orange Tree community has a
kid’s playground, soccer field as well as tennis and basketball courts.


As soon as you walk
into our home you will be delighted with the spacious living areas. There is a
lounge as you walk in with a sofa, loveseat and chair to accommodate 6 guests
comfortably, the formal dining room has seating for 6. There is a further
living room area with 2 sofas seating 6 more guests, a large 55″ HD TV,
DVD Player and stereo, there is also a dining table by the kitchen that seat 4
guests but there are 3 bar stools at the kitchen counter for even more seating
for dining.

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Kitchen is fully
equipped with fridge/freezer, electric stove/oven, microwave, dishwasher,
coffee maker, blender, toaster and more. You can easily cook your dinner meals,
make a quick lunch and eat your breakfasts at home before heading out for a
busy day saving you lots of money during your vacation.


The garage has been
converted into a wonderful games room that both young and old can enjoy.
Equipped with a 7 foot pool table, air hockey table, foosball table.


The king master
bedroom is very spacious and has a large en-suite bathroom featuring a garden
tub, shower and separate WC. There is a TV in this bedroom. There are 3
bedrooms with 2 x Twin beds each and all decorated differently. One has a Cars
movie theme and ideal for young ones or just the young at heart. Another bedroom
has a flower theme (this one has a TV) and the last one a garden theme. The 2 x
Queen bedroom’s have also been decorated with welcoming bright colours and both
have Tv’s. One of these bedrooms is en-suite. The 3rd bathroom is shared and
also has access to the pool deck area.


The pool and spa are
just fantastic as they have a screened enclosure as well as a covered lanai so
you can still sit out by the pool, even on rainy days, for a meal or just to
lounge and read a book. There are shrubs around the pool enclosure making it
very private. There is a table and 4 chairs as well as 2 sun loungers. The pool
also has a security fence for added safety.