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Frizione Mini Projector, HD Video Projector Home Theatre

Planning an indoor movie night with the gang? Or a private movie screening with colleagues in the comfort of your home? It shouldn’t cost an arm or leg to replicate the widescreen, dark room theatre experience. The all-new Mini Projector from Frizione offers the best in class solution to birth this fanciful event.

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After checking out multiple sellers stocking mini projectors on Amazon, we were able to narrow our focus to the most functional and effective in this fast-moving category. The selected product should be easy and fun to set up, highly portable and be as economical to purchase and to run (considering its energy consumption and estimated lamp lifetime).

Given the amazing trend bubble this niche is creating, it is little wonder numerous variations and manufacturers offer similar products, however, our pick is a rugged, yet classy in its aesthetic appeal and functionality, thereby making it display worthy while offering immense value to its owner. This Mini Projector currently sells for $129.99 on Amazon.

This Mini Projector Home Theatre from Frizione stems from a wide range of reputable and stellar quality indoor gadgets and devices aimed at transforming everyday encounters into remarkable experiences and their catalogue can be seen here.

·        Frizione Mini Projector Home Theatre Key Features

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Frizione Mini Projector Home Theatre Key Features

The devices stellar performance (delivering higher quality imaging) and seamless adaptability across multiple platforms help consistently bolster its ranking amongst peers.

The products delicate design and aesthetic was drafted to appeal to a very wide customer base, appealing to both tech-savvy professionals and even stay at home moms seeking a more daring video streaming or viewing experience.

The apparent dissatisfaction customers often described in reviews about pre-existing mini projectors in terms of either the image quality, incompatibility with various devices or the sheer scale of its purchase price propelled the rationale for the development of this amazing product. Below are some of the state of the art features and capabilities it sports.


Excellent Picture Quality

This Mini Projector packs a punch under its belt as it supports as much as 1080p while offering an aspect ratio of 16:9 / 4:3.

As with most projectors, this device works amazingly in a darker environment, thereby creating a customized theatre-like viewing experience right in the comfort of your living room or bedroom.

Also, this projector offers amazing HD interfacing for a more realistic and lifelike viewing experience.

Furthermore, its ability to correct any trapezoidal distortion manually via its button control makes it more durable and rugged in achieving optimal viewing angle based on customers’ preferences.


High Quality

Every component used in the design of this masterpiece is acclaimed to be highly durable and of the most resilient materials possible. For example, the projector’s LED bulb offers a lifetime guarantee of about 20,000+ hours, almost two and a half years non-stop usage.

Its Lanthanum Glass Lens is of a very high quality, with alkali resistance and low dispersion, thereby ensuring better image quality while reducing the probability damage or replacement.

Furthermore, the high-quality design boasts multiple vents and an efficient cooling fan to aid the easy dispersion of heat from the device. Its built-in speaker and external audio compatibility help the mini projector achieve an impressive listening experience, filling the entire room with high-quality noise-free sound.


Wide Compatibility

A major highlight this device offers its endless compatibility (input options), thereby sealing its place in the home so whether you are familiar with HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, SD Card or 3.5mm audio interface.

This mini projector connects to various gadgets such as DVDs, PlayStations, Xbox or TV Box via the HDMI input; or connects to your PC via the VGA jack; or directly to your headphone or speakers via its Audio port.

In addition, it allows users connect a smartphone, U-disk or hard disk into USB slot to read existing media files. It also sports an SD card slot by the side, ultimately ensuring it can connect to literally every gadget.


Compact & Portable

The portable and lightweight design of this gadget encourage space-saving and easy arrangement as it makes your home look tidy and organized. Also, it’s easy to set up nature makes it readily dismantled and set up for convenience.



There is a 12-month Warranty, offering a replacement or a full refund within the period.


Frizione Mini Projector Home Theatre Reviews Roundup

There are currently no reviews for this product yet.

Frizione Mini Projector Home Theatre Video Presentation

To visit our video presentation to support our assertions about this product, view the link below.