From time in the last two semesters but


Mathanki Om Singaravelan Poornima

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12000, Fairhill Road, Suite – 312,

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Dean of Graduate Studies

Case Western Reserve University,

Cleveland, Ohio – 44106.


Dear Mam/Sir,

I am writing to appeal my official separation from graduate study and explain the circumstance that lead to my poor performance in the first two semesters. I admit that I had a difficult time in the last two semesters but I do not intend to make any excuses.

Being an international student, it was confusing to understand the grading system and time management in completing my assignments. This had a bad impact on my first semester GPA. I worked really hard in the following semester to make up for my first semester. But during the middle of the semester I had some personal issues leading me to take counselling and pills that were recommended by our “University Counselling Services”. But I did put in my best possible efforts in improving my CGPA from the first to the second semester (1.33 to 2.2) as much as possible.

I need to take 3 more credits for my graduation. In order to improve my CGPA and come to a better academic standing, I plan to repeat Computer Networks (EECS 425) in the Spring 2018 semester. I have decided to take the 3 credits required to meet my degree requirements during the Fall 2018 semester as I plan to graduate that semester.

It would mean a lot for me to graduate with a degree from CWRU. I have met with my academic advisor (Dr. Andy Podgurski) and Dr. Michael Rabinovich (EECS 425) and will follow their advice to focus better on my school work. I am a good student with very bad semesters. I hope you will give me a second chance to prove myself. Thank you for considering my appeal.



Mathanki Singaravelan.


Advisor:                                                                  Dept. Chair:                                                                                                                         


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