Education transform a person and makes him

Education helps in strengthening the personality of an individual. An educated person is smart, confidant and brave. He cannot be easily feared or duped. A highly educated person is like a tree; he always behaves kindly and never possesses any ego.

(2) Ethical behavior:

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Education promotes ethical behavior. Educated people always believe in fair practices. They behave ethically in all fields of life.

(3) Helps in transformation of an individual:

Education transform a person and makes him more balance and calm. An educated person is balanced physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

(4) Borders the mind of an individual:

An educated person has broader perspective towards life. He does not waste his life into little details. He is open minded person and a good listener, he give importance to other’s view point.

(5) Improves the future of a person:

Education truly improves the future of an individual. He earns his living with the help of his skill and knowledge.

(6) Improves reasoning and thinking power:

An educated person is a logical person who thinks widely and for all. He has no self-fish interest and do not promote unnecessary wastage. He knows how to increase and maintain the supply.

(7) Maintain clean environment:

Education teaches a person to preserve the natural environment, educated people believe in living in a clean and hygiene environment. They do not make their environment dirty by throwing trash everywhere.

Functions of Education Towards Society:

(1) Removal of unwanted traditional customs:

Many places we see people blindly following traditional customs, these traditional age old customs are harmful for society, practice of such custom can never lead mankind towards development. For example earlier Sati system, Child remarriage was followed blindly, it was only because of educated people, India could successfully get rid of these harmful custom. Education helps us to understand that change is the law of nature. Nothing remains stagnant. Thus with time one have to change to achieve progress and development

(2) Development of science and technology:

Education is the reason behind the faster development of science a technology. Construction of roads, bridges, big buildings, new technology, advanced modes of transport etc. all were possible because of highly educated scientist and inventors.

(3)Preserves the nature:

Education helps in development of system that maintains ecological balance. It discourage unnecessary wastage and helps in maintaining equality between the supply and demand.

(4) Provides opportunity and equality:

Education promotes equality and wellness. Men and women deserve equal opportunity in all aspect. Education helps individual to fight for their right and eradicate inequality and poverty.

Education fights against prejudice and hatred and promotes a friendlier atmosphere and teaches us to give equal opportunity and respect to all caste, religion, creed etc.

Functions of Education Towards Nation:

(1) Fight for right and duty:

Education makes people aware about its rights as a human being and as citizen of a country. It helps people to fight for their right, and eradicate unfair practices. Education helps in achieving freedom by making people to aware of their duties and rights as citizens of country.

(2) Development of leadership:

Education helps in the development of leadership quality inside a person. It helps in the inner growth of a person which makes him active and socially, politically, and religiously a responsible citizen.

(3) National Unity and acceptance:

Education has made the citizen of a country tolerant other person. We see many citizen of highly developed and developing countries more tolerant towards the people of other cast, color, language, habits. Education helps to eradicate dictatorship and trains people for democracy.

(4) Development of nation:

Education has truly leaded in development of the nation. International transaction, globalization etc. all are the gifts of education.

Education is essential for every individual. There should not be any gender biasness towards education; women must have equal right for education. Education is not restricted to age,society, caste or gender, people of any cast, society, age or gender can choose to educate themselves.


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