Funny method to find the IMEI number

Funny and technical as it sounds like, the IMEI number of your Android phone is one of the most important numbers you need in your entire life. The question is, why is it too important to be noted of, and how to exactly find it? Every phone in the world has its own unique IMEI number, and if you’re an LG G7 user, you surely have it too. In this article, you will learn the importance of these set of numbers presented on your phone how to identify it.Owners of LG G7, it’s essential to learn how to find the IMEI on your smartphone. The main purpose for this is that IMEI serves a serial number that distinct each smartphone from one another. It’s a long series of number, and if you’re not gifted with a photographic memory, we suggest that you jot down these number once you bought your phone. Also, having memorized your IMEI allows you to detect your stolen phone because each phone has its own unique IMEI number.International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, or the IMEI, is a series of numbers solely used for each smartphone in order distinguish it to same models. The IMEI number is utilized by GSM networks to inspect whether the smartphones are valid and to check whether it’s blacklisted or stolen. Carriers like T-Mobile, AT, Sprint, and Verizon check this number to make sure that your LG G7 is good to go. To find the IMEI number of your LG G7, you can perform these three processes.Using the Android system In order to locate the IMEI of your smartphone, obviously, you need to boot your LG G7. Once done, head to your home screen then proceed to settings. Once you’re inside of it, tap the “Device Information”, then press “Status”. It’ll show the device information of your LG G7, together with its “IMEI”. Another method to find the IMEI number on the LG G7 is to grab the original box of the smartphone. Here you can find a sticker on the back of the box that will provide you with the LG G7 IMEI number.Check your LG G7’s packagingOne more way of checking the IMEI number of your LG G7 is by inspecting the packaging box of your phone. On the back of the box, you’ll see a sticker in which where the IMEI number is provided.Using the Service CodeThe last method in locating the IMEI number on your phone is through the service code. To perform this, head to the phone app. Afterwards, input the code “*#063*. And you’re done!Once you have identified the IMEI number of your LG G7, we suggest that you write on a piece of paper, and put it in your wallet for safe keeping, in case you aren’t able to memorize it down. You can also write it down on your LG G7’s Note app or screenshot the Device information on the Status option on your LG G7’s Settings to save the whole series of number. Having it on hand shall help you locate your phone if by chance it gets lost or stole.


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